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Welcome to SacredJourney.Earth, a platform for your personal transformation. If you feel the calling to make a deep change within yourself, your community, or the planet, you have come to the right place.
Céu do Novo Mundo will assist you in raising your vibration and uplifting your consciousness, leading you on a journey toward health, happiness, and unlimited potential.

Connecting you with the heart, connecting us with each other, and reconnecting us to our beautiful planet.

Transformational Journeys

Are you ready to embark on a journey to connect with yourself, with a spiritual community, and with nature in a way that you believed impossible before?

Join us at one of our life-changing gatherings.

Journey to the Yawanawa

Are you ready to connect deeply with yourself?
Then join us for a life changing journey.


The vibration you disperse, the purity and discipline brought to your gatherings, the energies and dynamics triggered, the esthetics, both acoustically and visually, make for an incomparable experience! I am so proud of you, and hope you are too of yourselves. The authenticity and roots approach into it, the mastery and vibration, the intensity and peace you bring… wow.


There are no words to express my deep deep deep gratitude for allowing me to go through such a process... The sacred space you created was a womb where one felt safe to be reborn... All I can do now is live up to what was given to me. Thank you for taking the time to talk and listen before and after the Journey - it was very much appreciated! You are truly a beacon of Light and it was pure joy to meet you and experience the love you share for each other and for the rest of humankind.


It was a very beneficial experience that was necessary to start the journey of freedom and appreciation of my feminine self. It is a vital work that would be empowering for so many women that are ready to embark on such a journey.

Rinara R.

Indigenous Cultures and the Santo Daime Religion

For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have honored, conserved, and preserved sacred plant teachers to come forth in this time, the time of a great shift, to help us to take the next step in our collective evolution as a species.


Céu do Novo Mundo celebrates the Divine in the forces and presence of Nature—the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Wind, and the Sea—and honors the ethical principles of Harmony, Love, Truth, Justice, and Peace. Our community is committed to the goal of a new life and a better world for everyone.


Our community gathers in sacred ceremony at specific times of the year, and the link below allows community members to reserve a space in these sacred circles. If you are not yet a member of our community, we invite you to learn more about our beliefs and practices and to contact our spiritual guides to discuss joining the community and participating in our circles.

Online Yoga and Meditation

Real magic begins with the daily practice of yoga and meditation. These spiritual practices strengthen the body and the nervous system, preparing you for sacred ceremony and the sacred journey we call life.

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Blog / Stories


How is a Sacred Medicine made? - The Power of the Santo Daime

8 Sept, 2017

The ancient process of preparing a Sacred Medicine has been passed on from generation to generation, from grandparents to grandchildren by the Indigenous people of the forest...


The Value of Mental Self-Care

6 March, 2018

Just as there are different layers of our being, there are different levels of self-care: physical self-care, emotional self-care, spiritual self-care, sexual self-care, and mental self-care. I want to speak a bit about mental self-care.


The Story of the 3 Seeds

05 January, 2017

Hi All ~ How are you? Hope this email finds you in high spirits. It's been a while since I've shared with you. At the end of October, I set off to spend 7 weeks with the Yawanawa Indians.…