:: AWAKEN :: A Sacred Journey to the Sacred Feminine

Did you know the key to ultimate freedom and infinite creative potential lies in your relationship with your body, your voice and your connection to the earth? It's not something you can read about or research to understand, but something you have to experience in your body to know.

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Do you desire a deeper connection to your body and your sensuality, freedom in your expression, and passion to create a life that inspires you?

We are living in such a powerful time, where women are being invited to connect with a different way of living and creating in the world.

We as woman are waking up to the power that lives within, in the soft, fluid, fierce, feminine way of being in our body. An invitation to feel deeply, to express freely, and to love fiercely.

The truth is that this new way requires an unlearning, a remembering, and a coming together. Unlearning all the patterns in our body of holding back, keeping our voice quiet, staying small. Remembering the ancient wise woman witchy medicine woman priestess ways. Coming together as women to support each other and uplift the community.

We've experienced lifetimes of giving and doing, and now, in order to thrive we must practice receiving and relaxing. A beautiful thing happens when we relax deeply into our body and open ourself to receiving - our voice opens. We become channels for spirit to express through us. Because that's what we women are! Channels for spirit, for creation, for life.

I am on a Mission to remind all the women who have forgot this ancient knowing and way of being. 

Join me on this Journey of Remembering?       

Remember this... 

Your Desires are a Call to Wake up to Who You Truly are

They are here to guide you towards your truth, to a life of authentic creative expression, infinite creative flow and ultimately, creative freedom. As a woman, you are a Creator, a Creative, and a Creatress. If that feels like something you are ready to embrace, then take a deep breath and ask yourself the following questions:

Are You:

Healthy, Active, & Happy but..

You're healthy, active and feel generally happy, but there is an underlying sense of feeling unsettled. There is a quality of always seeking something in the future, as opposed to feeling content in the present. "But I should be happy because all in life is going so well!"

Disconnected from your Cyclical Nature

You don't think much about your menstrual cycle, unless it comes to buying supplies. If you're passed your bleeding years, you don't think about cycles at all. You never really speak or think about "that time of the month" unless you have to. You don't really understand much about the menstrual cycle until it doesn't happen or you want to get pregnant. 

Feeling Uninspired & Stuck

You dream about the days of feeling passionate and inspired to create and share. Any creative impulse that does move through you, you don't honor or trust or create the time for.  You lack the energy, fire, or inspiration to create true change in your life. Years have passed stuck in the mundane details of the day to day.

More likely to be in your Head then in your Body

"I think... this, I think that.." You prioritize the world of thinking over feeling, as as result you push your body hard. It's challenging for you to know what you're really feeling, or to let your emotions or feelings be expressed. 

Feeling Called to Open your Voice

You're not sure why, but there is something inside of you that knows you have more to say, to express, and to discover within your voice. There is both a deep longing to express yourself, and a great fear of using your voice. 

Desiring to be Seen

You long for the feeling of being seen, and for having a larger voice... in your family, in your community, or in the world. But you feel overwhelmed, resistant, scared, and lost on how to begin and how to create change. How can I both desire to be seen and so fearful and resistant of it too?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then I am so honored and grateful that you’re here…. because your awareness means that you’ve taken your first step:

This connected, inspired and powerful woman already exists deep inside of you… 

And I am here to be a stand for her in her most authentic and shiniest expression, and to gently support you in the awakening of your creative gifts as you relax and find joy in sharing more of you with the world!  

A life of play, pleasure and inspired creativity awaits you!

Introducing :: AWAKEN :: A Sacred Journey to the Sacred Feminine

Beginning Sunday, May 10th, 2020


I’m Kristen and I am honored to be your guide on this Journey

Many years ago, I was lying on my mat when my yoga teacher prompted the question, "What allows you to receive?" In that sweet space of savasana, those words melted into my heart, and touched the parts of me that had been denied the space to feel, to receive, and to truly be seen. And so I began my journey home to my heart, to the longings of my Soul, and to the softness and wildness of my femininity. This journey has led me from the world of business and the streets of San Francisco to the Sacred Valley in Peru, the Himalayan Mountains in India, the yoga studios in Bali, the tantric communities in Thailand, the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, and home to The Art of Sacred Living. It is my joy and my passion to share all that I've received on my journey, and to guide and support women like you on the path of walking theirs - because this path is not meant to be walked alone.

Over the Course of 12 Weeks

You will be introduced to an abundance of tools, teachings and teachers that have the capacity to transform your relationship to your body, your creativity and your life.

1. Creating Safe + Sacred Space


  • Create a Safe and Sacred Space for yourself as your first step towards feeling safe to be vulnerable and to blossom from an authentic and gentle place within.
  • Practice the Sacred Pelvic Root Breath: A grounding and centering practice to help you explore the difference between relaxation and contraction.
  • Develop your Sacred Feminine Morning Ritual to connect with how you feel everyday and develop an awareness of your own needs
  • Practice yes and no in your body to be able to make decisions that honor your truth with ease.

2. Womb Wisdom


  • Connect with the Sacred Altar of the Pelvis to gain a strong sense of your cyclical nature and a deeper understanding of your connection with the earth
  • Learn how to live in alignment with your cycle and heighten awareness around the Energetic Phases of You
  • Cut your ancestral cords and reclaim autonomy with your own body to flow downstream rather than swimming upstream
  • Discover powerful Womb Healing to access the wisdom of the Earth and your unlimited stream of creativity

3. Cultivating Awareness to Sensations

  • Discover how your body really likes to be touched to identify what feels good for you (and what doesn’t)
  • Learn how to be more tuned in to your physical sensations and how your body feels to help you make more aligned choices in your life.  
  • Express your desires in your intimate world and create a relationship built on love and appreciation 
  • Melting away armour through loving presence and sweet touch and let go of your resistance to receiving

4. Heart + Breast Activation


  • Reclaim the beauty of your breasts and your feminine sensuality by opening your heart through the sensuous nature of your own touch. 
  • Melt away shame and let go of hiding from your own femininity by choosing to live and love from an open heart
  • Enhance your awareness around patterns that close your heart
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what love really means to you through practicing unconditional love in your own body
  • Opening the heart to support kind and compassionate communication as we move to the voice

5. Opening the Voice


  • Dissolve judgment around your voice and give yourself permission to open your channel of the voice through sounding and toning. 
  • Develop confidence to explore different modalities of expression and get inspired to express yourself in new ways
  • Learn to use your words and voice in a way that supports you and the creation of your own deep desires 
  • Move through and let go of any shame in the process of expression and using your voice
  • Shift into more enjoyable and nourishing relationships as a result of expressing yourself and your needs more clearly 

6. Embodied + Empowered Expression

  • Discover how your sacred relationship with your body and your voice informs how you live and express yourself in your life 
  • Choose to live in a space of devotion - listening to your body and creating from a place of inspired action 
  • Reclaim your Creative Confidence to feel empowered and inspired to create your life on your own terms through conscious manifestation
  • Learn to trust the process and timing of creation coming from a beautiful place of surrender and love
  • How you can choose a way to adorn yourself and express yourself that allows you to create a life that is in alignment with your heart's desires

"I’ve so been feeling how much the Awaken program has completely shifted my relationship with my body, my desires and informing my way of being in the world. I had a singing lesson last weekend and felt how it was to sing with a relaxed body and I for a few moments I could hear my voice, not one trying to be anything else.. it was really beautiful and felt sooo good. Teachings of how it feels to share from a relaxed place keep coming in and I’m super into it. So grateful you and for all you share and the wisdom of our incredible bodies. Thank you"


Here is what’s possible for you when you say YES to this Journey of Awakening and Remembering.

  • Every morning you are gifted with a moment of tuning into how you feel. You are deeply connected to your needs that reflect into how you’re able to take care of yourself, and you do so with love and grace.
  • You understand and honor your menstrual cycle / connection to the lunar cycle and how it reflects your connection to the earth, and inspires your creativity.
  • You know how it affects your emotional landscape and your levels of energy and vitality. This understanding empowers your self-care and guides you in how you manifest at certain phases of your cycle.
  • You prioritize play and flow and trust that this will magnetize life and abundance to you. You feel relaxed in your body and mind and share freely from an open heart and relaxed jaw, always exploring the potential of your voice and your expression.
  • Your awareness of your boundaries allows you to be clear on what you say yes or no to and you choose to invest your sacred time in alignment with your desires.
  • Your relationships become truly inspiring and you allow yourself to receive intimately and without constraints.
  • You live in a much more empowered place within yourself so you attract an empowered partner or shift your existing relationship towards a deeper, more soulful connection.
  • You feel empowered to express yourself in playful and creative ways, fully trusting that you can create the life you desire, and that your expression is the medicine you need.

Because you absolutely CAN. If fact, it’s exactly why you are here! To say YES to the discovery of a more expansive expression of you. 

Your Investment

One Payment


One Time

Regularly Priced $447


2 Payments



Regularly Priced $222/month


Do you feel called to live a life rooted in the discovery of more pleasure, play, and creative freedom?

How this Program Works:

With each of the 6 Modules I will be guiding you through, you’ll receive:

  • Video Teachings sent to you via email | a new module opens every other Sunday. You have two weeks with each module to really spend time with the practices and information
  • 6 Live Q+A Video Calls with Kristen (All calls will be every other Friday at 12PM PST, beginning May 15th, and will be recorded and stored on the Online Portal)
  • 1-3 Downloadable Audio Meditations and Guided Practices
  • 1-2 Interviews with People dedicated to their craft speaking about Opening the Voice / Womb Healing / Creating Sacred Space / The Art of Worship 
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets for personal reflection and deeper integration of all the material 

Your Investment

One Payment


One time

Regularly Price $447


2 Payments



Regularly Price $222/month


Is it time for you to surrender to the deep wisdom, creative potential and gentle power that is the feminine?

Then say YES and join me for this lifelong journey of relaxing into your body and discovering your voice.

"The tools and practices that Kristen gave us created a powerful container for transformation. It has completely shifted every aspect of my life, from my own connection to my body to the way that I am in my relationships, to how I show up in my work and in the world. It wasn't necessarily easy for me, but I'm so grateful I showed up - I feel so much more kindness for my body, so much more freedom and deep reverence. I am beyond grateful to have found Kristen and this path of profound healing. "

Anna Matriotti
White Hawthorne Health

Frequently Asked Questions

The relationship with your body is like any relationship - the more you spend time with her, the more she shares. The more you give, the more you will receive. 

Every 2 weeks you will receive a module with video teachings, and audio meditations. I recommend creating time for every morning for your Sacred Morning ritual and at least two meditations a week, but of course it is up to you, your body, and your schedule. 

This material will be available to you long after our 6 weeks together are over, so you are welcome to explore these practices at your own pace. 

That's ok! They are not necessary, but are there to provide support and a sense of community. All recordings of calls will be stored in the Online Portal so you can go back and watch at your convenience. You will also have access to all materials so you can move along at your own pace and honoring your own timing without missing out on any part of the program. If you are not able to make it to any of the calls then please reach out and we can find a way to make you feel supported in this journey! 

You are welcome exactly where you are! This program and the practices included meet you where you are at. We begin the program with the mindset of beginning kindergarten - relearning about our bodies in a very simple and loving way. From here, you follow the invitations of your body, always going at your own pace. You will always have access to the resources on the Online Portal so you can refer to them whenever you wish. The essence of this work is to listen to your own body, so if your body is asking for a slow pace, then by all means honor that. 


For women who have stopped bleeding, it is still deeply healing to remember this wisdom and return to the cyclical ways of being. Rather than focusing more on your personal menstrual phases, you will attune to the phases of the moon. 

For women who have had their uterus removed, you will connect with the energy of your uterus, and use your visualization tools in this journey. It is deeply healing to honor this part of your body for the process of removal it went through, and to establish a relationship of respect and honor for what is present. 

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out! We look forward to hear from you.


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