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Dear Sisters,

We are so happy you're here.

We believe that part of our Journey as women in this time is to come together.

By coming together, we heal, we inspire each other, we shift from comparison to celebration, and we begin to truly experience and enjoy the uniqueness of who we are. 

~ Returning to the Ancient Way of the Circle of Women ~


My prayer is a world where women are in sweet relationship with their body, with the Earth and with each other. Where women are clear on their YES and their NO, are empowered in living their wildest dreams and in embodying their eroticism with fierce humility. Where women feel free in their voice and creative expression, and feel inspired as the Artists at the canvas of their life. 

I, and my circle of dear sisters, welcome you with great pleasure to our growing Sacred Circle.

xo, Kristen


Here you will find different offerings focused on themes that we find to be essential and of the essence on the feminine path to freedom. 





Sensual Embodiment

Vocal Empowerment

Relational Love & Intimacy

Sexual Freedom

Earth Medicine


Inspiring Togetherness 

Each Sacred Sister offering will be curated by dear sisters, for it is in the collaboration, the togetherness, that we touch the essence of the relational & communal feminine way. Only by resting in this essence, are we able to blossom organically into our fullest expression. Together, we thrive.




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