Dear Sisters,

We are so happy you're here.

We believe that part of our Journey as women in this time is to come together.

By coming together, we heal, we inspire each other, we shift from comparison to celebration, and we begin to truly experience and enjoy the uniqueness of who we are. 

~ Returning to the Ancient Way of the Circle of Women ~

It is the why behind the creation of the Sacred Sister Circle. 

My prayer is a world where women are in sweet relationship with their body, with the Earth and with each other. Where women are clear on their YES and their NO, are empowered in living their wildest dreams and in experiencing their most erotic fantasies. Where women feel free in their voice and creative expression, and feel inspired as the Artists at the canvas of their life. 

I, and my circle of dear sisters, welcome you with great pleasure to our growing Sacred Circle.

xo, Kristen


The Feminine Journey to Freedom

It is our greatest joy to inspire and support women to come home to who they truly are, to nourish their bodies, strengthen their connection to spirit, experience more depth, beauty and pleasure in their lives, and to activate their voice and expression in the magical and awesome ways they are being uniquely invited to. Now is the time!  

If you feel a deep readiness in your being to connect with the feminine way of living and creating in the world, then you're in the right place.

We want to first celebrate you and the wisdom of your own guidance that led you here, and also let you know that you don't have to do this journey alone. 

Here you will find different offerings focused on themes that we find essential and to be of the essence on the feminine journey to freedom.  


:: The Four Pillars :: 

Sensual Embodiment

Returning to the Body, to the Earth, to our Sensations. "How am I feeling? What do I need?" Celebrating our sensational experience. Becoming skilled at listening to our body and our sensations. Learning to relax and let go. Breath as ally, lover, healer and friend. 

Vocal Empowerment

Acknowledging the body-voice connection and exploring the voice as an instrument. Liberating sound and connecting with our deep Self through an open channel of expression. Getting to know our inner Artist. 

Sexual Freedom 

Claiming our Erotic Nature. Dissolving Shame. Welcoming our sexuality and exploring our anatomy. Living our desires in the bedroom and in the world. Opening to Pleasure. Shifting the narrative around "life being hard." Choosing our sovereign sexual self.

Earth Medicine 

Connection to the Womb, to the seasons of the Earth and the phases of the Menstrual Cycle. Plant and Herbal Allies. Connection to the elements. Infusing our day-to-day with ritual and prayer. Relationship to Food : Seasonal & Intuitive Eating. Coming home to the Medicine Woman. 

Inspiring Togetherness

Each Sacred Sister offering will be guided by a circle of dear sisters, for it is in the collaboration, the togetherness, that we touch the essence of the relational & communal feminine way. Only by resting in this essence, are we able to blossom organically into our fullest expression. Together, we thrive.

~ Upcoming Gatherings ~ 


Sacred Sister Circle Gathering

Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Fall 2021

Join us for this intimate women’s weekend in nature, where we will gather together to remember the wisdom of the feminine way. We will honor the body as teacher, the Voice as a sacred instrument, the womb & heart as compass, the Earth as mother, and women as sisters. Together, relaxing into the knowing that Pleasure is our birthright, and that our Life is sacred and divinely supported. 

*Please note: There will be no psychoactive plant medicines served, however there will be lots of medicine shared at this weekend gathering!*

SURRENDERING OPEN with the Medicine of the Santo Daime

Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Fall 2021

Come gather in Sacred Ceremony with Sisters on the Path as we surrender open to the Spirit of Aya, relaxing into the Truth of who we are. 

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