Private ceremonies

Private Ceremonies

SacredJourney.Earth offers you the opportunity to experience the power of Sacred Ceremonies in your home or special place of choice. Private ceremonies are for individuals or small groups who would prefer not to share their experience in a group setting, or with people they do not know.

We love private ceremonies. They allow us to work with people in a profoundly intimate way, enabling us to fine-tune and personalize our work, and ultimately build deeper levels of trust and support.

Private ceremonies may be arranged in your home or special place of choice. When the connection and situation is right, they may also be held at our private home in Ojai, California. Please contact us here for more information about this type of arrangement.

Private Ceremony Options

Corporate sessions

Corporate Sessions

At-home sessions

At-Home Sessions

Group sessions

Group Sessions

A minimum of two consecutive ceremonies is required for each private gathering.

Entering a Sacred Ceremony can be a very beautiful process, allowing you to connect deeper with yourself, your heart, your soul, and all that is. Throughout the years, we have observed many individuals’ experience of Sacred Ceremony. Personally, I have found it to be most beneficial for participants to undergo at least two ceremonies before returning home. It can be difficult to process the events of your first ceremony. Participants often claim to reach greater understanding after experiencing two of them.

It can be very disorienting to shift the stresses of daily life into the profound experience of a Sacred Ceremony. I no longer offer single ceremonies because I have found it to be too unsupportive. We now hold private ceremonies with a minimum of two consecutive ceremonies per gathering.

We will begin with a gentle ceremony, allowing your body to relax and your mind to calm its chatter. You will begin to get a sense of the power of Sacred Ceremonies, as the first will open your heart for some time to come. After the first night, we will have built trust on levels both conscious and unconscious to you.

The first night will act as a gentle introduction to the power of Sacred Ceremonies, preparing your mind and body for a second ceremony the following night. The first ceremony is crucial; it will open your heart to allow for an even more profound experience the second time. What does this really mean? It means that you will experience deeper levels of self and consciousness. Many layers of consciousness are accessible through Sacred Ceremony. To reach those layers takes time, trust and the right guidance.

If you are interested, there is the option to add a third ceremony. The third ceremony may be held during the day, depending on the setting and location. This will allow us to dive deep and then return in full celebration. We might choose to move a bit and use our bodies to do some yoga or dance. Moving your body helps you to return back into this reality, preparing you for the biggest ceremony of all – daily life.

Today, particularly in the Western world, we’re used to having everything right away: quick, fast, deep. Spirituality doesn’t work that way. It takes time for your system to slow down and relax. When the body is relaxed, it can receive in ways that may not have been possible before.

Rest assured, will be there for you in any way that we can during your private ceremonies, guiding you on your Journey back home.


  • Small, intimate, sacred ceremonies for you and the people of your choosing

  • Plenty of personal time with us, in which we will be there for you in any way that we can

  • Complete confidentiality

  • Private yoga and meditation classes

  • Sharing and integration rounds

  • Delicious and healthy meals

  • Teachings on various spiritual subjects

  • Sound healing

  • Ceremonies in your home, a special location of choice, or, in some cases, at our home in Ojai, California


The cost for a private ceremony depends on many factors. Please contact us for more information. We are open to travel for private ceremonies when the situation is right.

Private ceremonies not for you? Come to one of our scheduled retreats! Check out our retreat calendar here to learn more about available dates.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

SacredJourney.Earth keeps all information regarding your private ceremonies strictly confidential.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

SacredJourney.Earth keeps all information regarding your customized retreat strictly confidential.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

To reserve dates for a private ceremony, we ask that you make an initial deposit of at least 50% of the ceremony price, eight weeks in advance of your ceremony. The other 50% is to be paid in cash upon arrival. Alternatively, you may pay the full price of the ceremony upfront. Private ceremonies include a minimum of two consecutive gatherings.

If you cancel or change any part of your reservation within 60 days of the first day of your ceremony, you will be charged a processing fee of $75 per person. If you are choosing to cancel your reservation, the remaining balance will be refunded. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 60 days from the first day of your private ceremony.

SacredJourney.Earth reserves the right to cancel any Sacred Ceremony at any time. If your private ceremony is cancelled, we will notify you immediately and offer you the following options:

• A full refund

• New dates for your private retreat, subject to availability