Online Yoga & Meditation Classes

Online Yoga & Meditation

A daily spiritual practice serves as a cornerstone for your Sacred Journey. There is almost no bigger gift that you can give yourself than a daily spiritual practice.

There are two keys to a daily spiritual practice:

- Connecting with your personal practice on a daily basis

- Finding a practice that resonates with you.

SacredJourney.Earth offers you an easy way to develop your spiritual practice, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Just sign up, choose a video and start!

A daily spiritual practice cultivates concentration and awareness, building strength in your physical body and calming the mind. It also assists in opening up the heart and will strengthen your nervous system. Your nervous system is like an antenna that receives spiritual energies. When your antenna is strong, it is much easier to receive those energies than when your antenna is weak. A daily spiritual practice will support your Journey towards health, happiness and unlimited potential.

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It is helpful to have a nervous system that is strong and balanced when working with Sacred Ceremony so that you may fully receive the blessings and benefits of the experience. This way, the benefits will integrate with your system and you will embody them during the biggest ceremony of all – daily life.

I will gently guide you through the classes that we offer. Rest assured they’re very easy to follow. Our courses are inspired by the Kundalini Yoga tradition, an ancient lineage of yoga that originated in India, many centuries before the birth of Christ. There are many types of yoga throughout the world – some are structured as physical workouts, while others place more emphasis on meditation. Kundalini yoga incorporates both. It is focused on raising consciousness by working with breath and the movement of energy, activating certain energy centers in the body.


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We all want to change the world for the better. But who is ready, able and willing to change themselves?

A daily spiritual practice is key to unlocking the unlimited potential within that will help you to become the true you.