Mission Values and Practices


Our mission is to make a global impact on the way that people live and heal themselves. Together we can build one global conscious community, build on love and compassion.

SacredJourney.Earth is founded on the belief that transformation of consciousness is the basis for transformation on Earth – individually, collectively and as a society. We believe that by uplifting consciousness, we are nurturing the seeds for a new Earth to blossom; a place where we can live in harmony with nature and each other.

We aim to be a catalyst for your transformation by providing education, daily spiritual practices, natural medicine and transformational retreats, along with emotional and moral support throughout your Journey towards health, happiness and unlimited potential.


Transformation of consciousness is the basis for transformation of the world; individually, collectively and as a society.

A daily spiritual practice is vital for personal growth and transformation.

Human potential is unlimited.

Realization of humanity’s potential transcends political, religious and scientific dogma.

We all share the ability to love, learn, feel and create.

Strong natural tools of transformation can be used in a space held with love, protection, wisdom and compassion. The intention behind using these tools is to heal, grow and uplift consciousness.

Individualized attention encourages growth. (Which is why we choose to work in small groups.)


Gratitude. We practice an attitude of gratitude. We recognize and honor the gifts inherent in every moment.

Service. We offer our experiences in support of the growth of others.

Growth. We support personal and collective social transformation. We take risks to discover ourselves. We encourage the uplifting of consciousness and realization of our ability to love, feel and learn, fully in this moment, here and now.

Responsibility. We take full responsibility for who we are – our choices, words, attitudes and actions. We recognize that our actions affect others and acknowledge our involvement in every situation.

Integrity. We strive for harmony in our words, actions, values and beliefs to foster conscious communication and self expression.

Beauty. We offer beauty in every way that we can. It is our hope that the beauty we offer will put your mind at ease, allowing growth and healing to occur.

Space. It is our intention to hold a safe space, where all of our participants feel protected. We will guard you so that you may venture deep inside of yourself for the purpose of growth and healing.

Confidentiality. We are grateful for all that is shared with us and will honor your privacy by maintaining full confidentiality.

Sexual Safety. Your sexual safety is guaranteed at all times in all our work, so that you may open and blossom towards your full potential in complete trust and surrender.

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