Mastermind Medicine

A call to all Heart-Centered
Leaders, Change-Makers and
Visionaries of this World

Join our group of amazing leaders and changemakers on a journey of personal activation and inspiration in the magical Sacred Valley of Peru.

The world needs more leaders like you to step forth and breathe life into their great visions. But we understand that this is easier said than done…. and that you may be facing many different challenges on your path to realizing your visions:

We are so excited to invite you to apply for our 6-day Mastermind Medicine Retreat in the Magical Sacred Valley of Peru

Join us and experience a unique 6-day leadership program that seamlessly integrates ancient and modern wisdom, led by leading practitioners to create powerful results across all areas of your life.

The combination of Sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies, sound healing, yoga and meditation, mastermind and vision circles, organic local food and–all in one of Earth’s most energetic and culturally rich settings–creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive. We will be able to let go and welcome in new possibilities ~ together setting out to purify ourselves, raise our vibrational energy and become inspired to reach our highest potential.

Continuing to walk towards our destiny.

Calling in the New Earth Together.

September 29th - October 4th, 2019 Places Available

Here’s what you can expect to walk away with after our 6 days in the magical Sacred Valley of Peru:

A powerful sense of clarity around your vision and the steps to bring it to life with integrity and in flow.

Embodiment of your full leadership capacity so that you can create a life and business that has the power to positively impact the world.

A potent activation so that you can receive the insights and inspiration you need to be a catalyst for others and take full authority of your life.

A significant raise of your energetic vibration that allows you to feel calm, grounded and confident around your purpose and your next steps.

Meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs, change-makers and visionaries that have the potential to become life-long friendships and opportunities to co-create.

And much more...

Are you ready to bring your vision
into the world?

Then apply for this life-changing retreat right now!

Do you feel called to expand your vision, receive the clarity and inspiration you need to move forward and fully embody your leadership potential in this world?

Then we would love to have you and invite you to apply for the Mastermind Medicine Retreat now!

September 29th - October 4th, 2019 Places Available

A glimpse of the magic that awaits you
in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Cushioned at the base of glacier-topped Andean peaks, you are invited into an experience of gracious luxury and wellness in one of the earth's most energetic and culturally rich settings. Imagine waking up to the view of the Andean mountains, walking through one of the venue’s 7 chakra gardens, taking a nap under the 1,000 year old Lucuma tree, and being nourished by local and delicious Andean food.

The magic of this land and elemental richness of the venue will allow your senses to relax and soften in a way that empowers the potential of the Grandmother plant Ayahuasca.

During your stay, you will be nourished with a delicious array of local vegetarian food, and taken care of by a beautiful and happy staff. We will have the retreat center to ourselves for this experience, which will create a beautifully intimate and private atmosphere for you to really relax and receive.

Ready to start your Sacred Journey?

Then apply now for this unique life-changing experience!

Designed for:

Heart-Centered Leaders, Change-Makers and Visionaries that are excited to explore and deepen their individual and collective purpose.

The intention of this time is to deepen the personal vision of what it means to create the life and the companies that are grounded in integrity and will set strong examples that will transform the world.

So we can consciously call in the New Earth together.

We are deeply dedicated to our practices, academic studies and teachings. Using our experience, we will provide support and guidance throughout your Journey. Each tool that will be offered during this retreat will empower you to take another step on your personal Journey towards your ultimate destiny.

This Journey will be open for a maximum of 20 Heart-centered leaders, change makers and visionaries. There will be an experienced team to make sure that you are supported at all times.

During the ceremonies, you will experience both music and periods of silence, healing, and personal guidance as needed. Our team has the love, care, experience and knowledge to guide you through the deep states of consciousness that this Journey may bring.

During the day, vision circles, leadership teachings, Kundalini yoga, meditation, time in Nature, spa treatments, and local organic food are available to nourish and empower you. The focus of the retreat will be on self-empowerment, growing your capacity to lead, and receiving insight and inspiration so that you can be a catalyst in the lives of others and set an example that will be influential in the times to come.

During this journey you will be invited to take full authority of your life, so we can be the authors of the future; calling in a New Way of leading and living in this important and potent time.

Details of Your Journey

Length:6 days
Maximum Capacity: 20 pax

Six days of deep healing and awakening on all levels

Accommodation (based upon triple, double and single room occupancy)

Welcome Circle

Four Sacred Ceremonies

Energy Healing (also during ceremony)

Kundalini Yoga practice

Daily Vision & Mastermind circles

Leadership teachings

Delicious organic, local food

Sound Healing

Day 1: - The Sound Journey
We wish you a warm welcome! We will start with introductions and sharing in the evening, followed by our first gentle ceremony.

Day 2: - A Night of Deep Visions and Insights
We begin the day with Kundalini yoga and meditation. Followed by a Mastermind Circle and our second ceremony.

Day 3: - A Day and Night to Relax and Enjoy
We begin the day with Kundalini yoga and meditation. The afternoon is intended to be a time of rest and enjoyment. In the evening there will be a Mastermind Circle.

Day 4: - Aligning with your Purpose
This day is dedicated to a Daytime ceremony in nature, experiencing our deep and profound connection with the elemental world around us. All happening in the legendary 7-Chakra Gardens.

Day 5: - Celebrating your Destiny
We begin with sharing and integration, followed by a final daytime closing ceremony to fully ground our energies back into our bodies. We will venture deep in this ceremony, and emerge in celebration of life and enjoyment in our time together.

Day 6: - Closing Day
A final Mastermind Circle, followed by a closing lunch together. We will be done with the retreat around 2PM.

Are you ready to claim
your leadership?

Your Investment

Cost does not include transportation, spa treatments, and gratuity to staff.

Garden Triple


The Garden Triple room features three beds and a private bathroom. The Garden Triple is a Co-ed room.

Garden Double


The Garden Double room features either two twin beds, or 1 Queen bed for a couple

Garden Single


The Garden Single room offers 1 Full double bed in a convenient location.

Luxury Double


The spacious luxury double offers either 2 queen beds for new/old friends, or 1 King bed perfect for couples.

Luxury Single


Choose a Single Luxury room with a King bed and relax into an abundance of space and peace.

Spa Treatments


Willka T’ika offers a range of therapeutic spa treatments to restore the body. Massage styles include Andean massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage and shiatsu. Facials and reflexology treatments are also available.

Solar Baths

The unique solar baths, carved from stone and set in secluded garden spots, are heated and energized by the sun during the day. At night the water is infused with flowers, medicinal herbs and organic Maras salt.

Crystal Light Therapy

Crystal light therapy, designed by world-famous Brazilian healer John of God, combines color, light, quartz crystals and music to clear and realign the body's chakras.

Above all else, I am most grateful for the safe container that you led with the team throughout the retreat. I felt so supported, held, and respected. I did not expect the degree of safety and loving energy I would feel from everyone that facilitated. It was so pure.

— Leigh Ware —

This is a magical retreat center, with the best garden I have ever seen. The rooms are phenomenal, the staff is so attentive and the food is the best I've had. I cannot recommend Willka T'ika highly enough!

— Mitzi Hazel Tizon —

Travel Information

The retreat center is around 75 minutes from the Cusco airport.

The retreat will begin with lunch at 1pm on the first day of the retreat.

If you aren’t able to arrive by that time, it is ok, but we do ask that you arrive before 3pm, as we will be having a ceremony on this first night. We will conclude with lunch on the final day of the retreat.

It is possible to reserve additional nights stay at Willka T’ika before or after the retreat.

Recommended Airport:

Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (Cusco)

If you have any questions, click here

Booking and Cancellation Policy

To reserve a space for this transformational retreat, we ask you to send in your application form. Once your application form is reviewed and approved, we will send you a link where you can reserve your spot. There you will make an initial deposit of at least 50% of the retreat price.

The other 50% is to be paid in cash upon arrival, or 14 days before the onset of the retreat by PayPal (via the Friends & Family option). Alternatively, you may pay the full price of the retreat upfront. There will be no refunds or transfers of the deposit for cancellations made less than 60 days before the first day of your retreat.

You may either pay with PayPal or your credit card, using the “APPLY NOW” button below.

You may also pay via bank transfer if you prefer.

Please contact us here and we will be happy to send you more details.

Have any more questions regarding your reservation? Click here.

Payment plans & local Latin American discounts are available upon request.

September 29 - October 4th, 2019 Places Available

Your Questions Answered

We want you to feel certainty and clarity around your decision.
Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions you might have:

I haven’t worked with Ayahuasca before - can I still join?

Yes. While it’s great if you’ve already experienced sacred plant medicine, you are welcome to join and share your first experience with us. If you have any questions or concerns about taking the medicine, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to support you and offer you peace of mind.

Do I need to have a business to join this retreat?

This retreat is specifically designed to support you in the activation of your leadership qualities. No you don't need to have your own business to join this retreat, but you do need to have a desire to uplevel your service to your mission and to the world, and/or gain clarity on what that might look and feel like.

What day should I arrive?

We recommend arriving a day in advance if your schedule allows for it. This way you will begin the retreat feeling refreshed and relaxed after your travels. Even if you can’t come a day in advance, we ask that you arrive the day of the retreat before 3pm as we will hold our first ceremony on this night.

What should I pack for the retreat?

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, so we recommend packing accordingly. It can get chilly at night in the mountains so be sure to bring your favourite sweater or jacket to keep you warm. Other than that, we recommend bringing a journal for the retreat where you can collect all your insights and inspiration.

Can I get a refund if something comes up and I can’t join?

Yes. If you cancel or change any part of your reservation more than 60 days before the first day of your retreat, you will be charged a processing fee of $75,- per person. We are happy to refund you the amount with the processing fee removed. However, there will be no refunds or transfers of the deposit for cancellations made less than 60 days before the first day of your retreat.