In our religious practice, the Céu do Novo Mundo community is guided by the following statements of belief:

The Church is guided by the profound experience of a living spirituality that recognizes and celebrates the Divine in the forces and presence of Nature—the Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Wind, and Sea—and by ethical principles of Harmony, Love, Truth, Justice, and Peace.

The Church celebrates connection with the Creator through practice of the Santo Daime sacrament, shares the teachings of the great Masters, affirms its affiliation to the great Christian family and the entheogenic shamanism of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, honors the sanctity of our physical bodies as a home for Spirit, encourages the moral and intellectual growth of its members, promotes the moral education and healthy upbringing of children, affirms the sacredness of and promotes the preservation of Nature as a bountiful source and giver of life, including through the sacred plants through which spiritual knowledge flows, and promotes the brotherhood and sisterhood of all beings.

We are committed to the goal of a new life and a better world for everyone.

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Walking with the Serprent

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