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SacredJourney.Earth is the online platform of Céu do Novo Mundo, dedicated to inspiring and uplifting consciousness.

From the Church of the New Earth, we welcome you and thank you for being here. It is our deepest joy and life’s Mission to be here for you, and to support you in anyway we can.

SacredJourney.Earth has been created as a commitment to consciousness at this time, to offer and share transformational gatherings, online programs, practices, written content, as well as a safe and inspiring place to gather in community. We hope that you feel welcome, and that you feel at home.

With gratitude, deep respect, and many blessings for your Sacred Journey ~ Dennis, Kristen & the team @ Céu do Novo Mundo

Dennis Notten,
M. A.

Dennis was born in the Netherlands and started his life as a classical musician. He studied at prestigious music schools in Europe, such as the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin, and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, where he finished his studies Summa Cum Laude in 2006. He played in world-class orchestras such as the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Oslo Philharmonic, the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and many more, often as a principal Bassoonist, and worked with world-class conductors such as Claudio Abbado, Bernard Haitink, Sir Simon Rattle and Maris Janssons.

His work schedule allowed him to travel and learn from many different traditions and backgrounds all over the world, including countries such as Tibet, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Egypt, Brazil and Peru. During those travels, he connected with a wide range of modalities including yoga, meditation, breath work, energy work and the power of sound. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, a Reiki master, and is certified in several other transformational modalities. Journeys to South America connected him with the Indigenous practices of the Amazon Rainforest, especially the entheogenic use of Ayahuasca and the use of music in these rituals. Seeking personal transformation on a journey to Brazil in 2012, he encountered Padrinho Alfredo, the spiritual leader of the Santo Daime, who gave him the blessings to work with their sacrament, Ayahuasca.

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Kristen Appenrodt,
M. A.

Born in Santa Cruz, California, mom is all organic, dad is climbing the ladder. Older sister plays with me, golden retriever kisses me. Muhammad Ali, The Giants, the saxophone. Basketball, basketball, run basketball. College in San Diego; University of San Diego, 3.5 years living on the beach, 4 months living in Florence, Italy. Graduate, work downtown, meet lots of interesting people. Fall in love with yoga, yoga retreat in Mexico, move practice back north.

Acquire real estate license, smile, perfect my handshake. Tend to properties, manage finances. Join Retail West, move to San Francisco, drive the Bay Area, learn the markets. Tenant representation, development projects, crunching numbers, creative solutions. Building relationships and creating opportunities. Win some, lose some, learn always, look up, push forward. Diving in and finding home – yoga studios, retreat centers, holistic health, an evolving practice. Love the Bay Area, love people, love learning… blue and green and the Oakland scene! The perfect time and a world of opportunity: Project Juice, Project Me, Project You. Feel it all, breathe it out, dance it off, let it be.

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