for women who desire to be free

4 Month Mentorship Journey 

for women who desire to be free

4 Month Mentorship Journey 

Did you know Ultimate Freedom & Infinite Creative Potential lies in your relationship to your Body, your Voice, your Sex, and the Earth. 

It's not something you can read about or research to understand, but something you have to experience in your body and voice to know. 

How free do you have the courage to be? 


Erotic Embodiment

Vocal Empowerment

Embodied Expression


We are living in such a powerful time, where women are being invited to connect with a different way of living and creating in the world.

We as woman are waking up to the power that lives within, in the soft, fluid, fierce, feminine way of being in our body. An invitation to feel deeply, to express freely, and to love fiercely.

The truth is that this new way requires an unlearning, a remembering, and a coming together. Unlearning all the patterns in our body of holding back, keeping our voice quiet, staying small. Remembering the ancient wise woman witchy medicine woman priestess ways. Coming together as women to support each other and uplift the community.

We've experienced lifetimes of giving and doing, and now, in order to thrive we must practice receiving and relaxing. A beautiful thing happens when we relax deeply into our body and open ourself to receiving - our voice opens. We become channels for spirit to express through us. Because that's what we women are! Channels for spirit, for creation, for life.

And our sex? That's where the power is! We move through shame, guilt, shyness, and repression around our sexual being and our desires, and we are Free. 

I am on a Mission to remind all the women who have forgot this ancient knowing and way of being. 

Join me on this Journey of Remembering?       

Remember this... 

Your Desires are a Call to Wake up to Who You Truly are


They are here to guide you towards your truth, to a life of creative expression, to your innate gifts, and ultimately, home to the seat of your power and your most authentic life. 





It is with pleasure in every cell of my being, that I open this Mentorship Journey to an intimate circle of women. 


We will Journey into the depths of our being; honoring our womb and exploring our relationship with our sacred sex centers. We will dance through shame, guilt, shyness, repression and find ourselves inspired, and ignited to explore our voice in a new, embodied and authentic way, resourced by the power that lives within. 


It is a healing journey, an empowerment initiation, and a safe space to die and be reborn. 



What's Included:

This Journey will begin and end with in-person gatherings, for it in the embodied time together where the lasting imprint of change happens. The time between will be the integration and cultivation. 

Our kick-off weekend will be September 10 - 12 in Santa Cruz, CA. We will have another kick-off gathering in January 2022, as we spring board into life outside of this container. 

There will be 4 group zoom calls that will be held in between the two in person gatherings

You will have a pod of women that will meet with weekly (or bi-weekly, up to you) to stay connected and supported

The group experience will really encourage empowerment and leadership. If you want to step into a guiding role in your life, explore the possibility to guide something within the group. We will be following the flow of the energy and together creating a deep, beautiful, powerful, juicy, sweet field of transformation.

Each woman will be receiving two individual calls with Kristen during the Mentorship Journey

It is also possible to receive a Sacred Spot Yoni massage if that would feel healing / expansive for your process


*Additional costs may include books, and a vaginal wand and/or yoni egg*

*If you sign up during the month of June, you receive a $200 discount*

*Payment Plan is Possible*

Interested to Join the Circle?


There are many details of our Journey not mentioned here. But if you feel a feel sensations in your body that are inviting you to lean in and learn more, then I would so enjoy connecting on a call to share and to respond to all questions and curiosities. 

If you are a "Heck Yes, I have no idea what's going to happen, but I trust like no other", then you can sign up by sending a deposit of $500 to [email protected] 

Any questions, or to schedule a connection call, please email [email protected]


May we together create a world where women are resourced in their wombs, devoted to exploring their body and voice as sacred instruments, are living their eroticism with fierce humility, and who feel so free and content in their own hearts that they naturally celebrate and support the freedom and expression of the women around them.