for women who desire to be free

4 Month Mentorship Journey 

for women who desire to be free

4 Month Mentorship Journey 

:: You are invited :: 


A feminine container to support you exactly where you are, and to inspire you to where you want to go.

Using tools, and addressing themes, that I believe are vital to experiencing true freedom as a female bodied human. Together we are walking towards: Relaxing into our true and authentic essence, receiving, with ease and joy, the energetic abundance of life, living our personal expression of our erotic creative nature, and resting in the confident space of living who we truly are. 



Erotic Embodiment

Vocal Empowerment

Embodied Expression



How free do you have the courage to be?



It is with pleasure in every cell of my being, that I open this 4 month online Mentorship Journey to an intimate circle of women. 


We will Journey into the depths of our being; honoring our womb and exploring our relationship with our sacred sex centers. We will dance through shame, guilt, shyness, repression and find ourselves inspired, and ignited to explore our voice in a new, embodied and authentic way, resourced by the power that lives within. 

It is a healing journey, an empowerment initiation, and a safe space to die and be reborn. 

It is both a mentorship journey, and a mastermind. Giving you tools to support your becoming, and providing you accountability and inspiration to continue and commit to what you already know. 



with an In-Person opening weekend:

September 17 - 19, 2021

: The Sacred Call : 


  • For Women who both desire and resist the embodiment and expression of their erotic selves
  • For those who feel that there is a part within them that holds back, creating an experience of struggle within them
  • For those who feel there is a part that doesn’t feel welcome. That feels not completely included in experiences and tends to lean back because of this feeling 
  • For those who are feeling ready to connect and create in a yummy feminine way
  • For those who are ready to claim their power, and get to know their sacred sex centers and their voice in a new and sacred way





Lady Loves ~

We are riding the waves into a new time. Where there is a call to emerge, to rise and to step into our voice and our power in a new way.

I believe that to feel truly comfortable and humbly confident to freely express our true nature, we have to anchor ourselves into our sex center, our resource of power.

In order to do this, we need to let go of all that is not ours – all of the ways we’ve been conditioned to suppress, reject, and project our power and our pleasure.

Through coming home deeply to our primal nature, our true voice is both anchored and activated. Our yes, our no, our inner artist and our fierce Creatress are able to find their way to expression with ease and grace. There is a resonance in the delivery of such a Voice that feels both nourishing and inspiring. Few things land better in the body than a well delivered truth. 

I believe that the magic ingredient in all of this is a circle of sisters, witnessing and supporting us in embodying and living the full expression of our true nature.

We can’t do it alone. 

Plus, it’s much more fun together!



What You'll Receive


Our launch weekend together, September 17 - 19th, will be full of rituals and tools that will be an extremely valuable support to your toolbox of wellness and aliveness, and also a potent imprinting for the months to come.

Some things you will learn:

  • How to relate to your emotions and move energy so that you feel calm and clear, and attuned to your true desires
  • Becoming clear around what you are feeling and communicating it confidently
  • Begin the Journey of dissolving body shame and cultivating body love
  • Getting to know and welcome yourself as a sexual being!
  • Awakening and allowing erotic energy to flow
  • Noticing patterns around your voice and how you hold yourself back
  • Becoming more skillful in your Yes and your No
  • Practicing being seen, by yourself, by your sisters, and eventually by the greater community around you
  • Living in sync with the feminine cycles of nature, and integrating this sacred rhythm into your lifestyle
  • Really tapping into the quantum field and being supported to create your life, business, home world, and relationships with the feeling and knowing that anything is possible. No limits!


With these tools in heart and hand, we can begin to create our life throughout the container in a way that feels truly in alignment with our desires, not with conditioned patterns.


The time after the retreat is about supporting you in accountability and practices, guided by your own inner knowing of what you need, which will be clarified during our launch weekend together. Energetically, life is full! We do not need more anything in this moment. I find that less is often better, and actually, necessary for integrated change.




Your intentions for this mentorship experience could be vast:

  • launch a business
  • experience self love and body love
  • feel connected to your womb, and heal health issues with your menstrual cycle
  • explore the range of your voice, as a musician, or as a speaker, and/or heal thyroid or jaw issues
  • Step more fully into your role as a feminine leader
  • Feel supported in self care and ease and love in your body
  • Heal Sister wounds
  • Connect to your power, receive clarity on the direction to your life path
  • Or not sure yet! But surrendering to the process 


While the intentions and desires may be different, the common thread is that there is a desire that it emerges from a soft, fierce, feminine, pleasure filled path.




What's Included:

This Journey will begin with an in-person gathering, for it in the embodied time together where the lasting imprint of change happens. The months to come will be the integration and cultivation. 

Our kick-off weekend will be September 17 - 19 in Santa Cruz, CA. Together as a group, we will feel into our closing ritual in January 2022 and decide what we want to experience together - could be a zoom call, a day together, or to have another weekend retreat (for an additional fee).

There will be 1 communal group zoom call a month, during our 4 months together. 

You will have a pod of women that will meet with weekly (or bi-weekly, up to you) to stay connected and supported

The group experience will really encourage empowerment and leadership. If you want to step into a guiding role in your life, explore the possibility to guide something within the group. We will be following the flow of the energy and together creating a deep, beautiful, powerful, juicy, sweet field of transformation.

Each woman will be receiving two individual calls with Kristen during the Mentorship Journey

It is also possible to receive a Sacred Spot Yoni massage if that would feel healing / expansive for your process


*Additional costs may include books, and a vaginal wand and/or yoni egg*

*Payment Plan is Possible*

Interested to Join the Circle?


If you feel a feel sensations in your body that are inviting you to lean in and learn more, then I would so enjoy connecting on a call to respond to all questions and curiosities.

If you are a "Heck Yes, I trust like no other", then I would still enjoy connecting on a call, to cultivate our connection before this Journey together.

Any questions, or to schedule a connection call, please email [email protected]

So looking forward to this journey and to the deepening with this special circle of women ~ 

xo, Kristen 



May we together create a world where women are resourced in their wombs, devoted to exploring their body and voice as sacred instruments, are living their eroticism with fierce humility, and who feel so free and content in their own hearts that they naturally celebrate and support the freedom and expression of the women around them.