How To Turn The Teachings 
Of Your Ayahuasca Ceremony 
Into A Life Of Fulfillment, Freedom, and Flow

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Show Me How

Are you


to bring the

lessons from ceremony 

into your

daily life?

Perhaps you saw inspiring visions during your retreat about a new life, relationship or career you can build. 

Maybe you experienced an elevated state of being with deep feelings of love, joy, and forgiveness. 

Or, you may have been confronted with negative patterns and painful memories, that keep holding you back in life. 

No matter what your ceremony was like, going back to ’reality’ after a soul-stirring Aya journey can be quite a challenge. 

Because even though it feels like you have been forever changed, the world around you is still the same. 

And even though you may have seen incredible visions for who you can become, you still don’t have a roadmap on how to get there.

Show Me How


Is Not

A Magic

In the past decades, the Sacred Grandmother of all Plants has gained a lot of attention in the Western world. According to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon forest, Ayahuasca has come out of the jungle to offer us a portal to Spirit, and help us take the next step in our evolution. 

But even though plant medicine has the power to help and heal us in profound ways, that doesn’t make it a magic pill. Because no matter what Mother Ayahuasca reveals to us during our ceremony, we often return to our old, familiar ways straight afterward. And before you know it, we’re back on the hamster wheel of living a life that doesn’t fulfill us. 

Want to learn how to break this cycle?

Show Me How

Hi, I’m Dennis Notten, 
the Founder of Ceu do Novo Mundo.

My personal journey with Ayahuasca has allowed me to shift from being unsatisfied with my life as a classical musician (even when I was playing in some of the world's top orchestras) to feeling fulfilled and nourished as a spiritual teacher. 

But my path was far from easy and my life didn't transform until I discovered how to bring the lessons from my ceremonies into my daily life. 

On my journey, I’ve been blessed to learn about the power of working with plant medicine in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, where I lived and worked directly with the Yawanawá Indians for a total of 1.5 years. So far, I’ve guided over 400 ceremonies and opened and ran a healing center in Peru for 2 years, working with cancer patients. 

In the past 8 years, I have worked with thousands of people to help them achieve the life changes they desire during, and more importantly, AFTER, their Ayahuasca ceremonies - which is where the real work begins. 

Today, I’m excited to give you the guidance I wish I had when I first came back from my retreats.

In The FREE Step-By-Step Video Course You Will Learn How To:

Decode Your 
Ayahuasca Ceremony

Understand the physical, emotional and spiritual effects your ceremony has had on you and why this awareness is the 1st step to creating positive changes in your life.

Turn Your Insights Into Action

Discover the 3 common myths about Ayahuasca that might hold you back from your growth and what to do instead to turn the teachings from your ceremony into action.

Create Long-Lasting Change

Learn the 3 specific steps to take after ceremony in order to regain your balance and create the foundation for the life transformation that you seek

Show Me How

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the gifts that I, my friends, and my family have all received while working with Dennis... What I have seen manifested by each and every person in such a short period of time has been astounding. If you’re ready to develop new lifelong habits that support and nurture personal growth and spiritual healing beyond your wildest dreams, then this program is for you."

Robin, San Franciso, USA


The Time

For Change
Is Now

The best time to take action towards the life of your visions is always today. But in the case of going through an Ayahuasca ceremony, this holds true even more. 

We call the first days and weeks after ceremony the grace period, the short time where your senses are heightened, you’re more connected to Spirit and incredibly aware of the energies around you. 

Right now, you are in the optimal state to listen more deeply to your intuition and make changes in your life that serve your true purpose. Are you ready to go all-in?

Then I’d be honored to be your guide.


Show Me How