Dennis’ Journey to the Yawanawa Indians


  Dietas are the ancient rite of passage which originate from the Indigenous people of the Amazon forest. These people have been working with medicinal plants and the spiritual forces for millennia. On that path of learning from the ...

01 December, 2017

  In the last years I have spent quite some time in the Amazon in Brazil with the Yawanawá Indians. In my previous blogs I have written about how I met them and shared some stories about our time together.  I am so grateful fo...

04 October, 2017

I remember the conversation Dennis and I had that night it all started - sitting in the hammock at 4 o’clock in the morning, in the middle of the Amazon in Brazil in one of the villages of the Yawanawá Indians. We had just finished a ...

22 September, 2017

Dear Friends ~ I am writing you this message from Lake Tahoe, California. This is going to be a longer newsletter, where I will share some of the happenings of the last 6 months. On the 9th of August I entered a 6 month dieta deep in the jungle w...

09 February, 2017

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