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  Dietas are the ancient rite of passage which originate from the Indigenous people of the Amazon forest. These people have been working with medicinal plants and the spiritual forces for millennia. On that path of learning from the ...

01 December, 2017

  In the last years I have spent quite some time in the Amazon in Brazil with the Yawanawá Indians. In my previous blogs I have written about how I met them and shared some stories about our time together.  I am so grateful fo...

04 October, 2017

  The ancient process of preparing a Sacred Medicine has been passed on from generation to generation, from grandparents to grandchildren by the Indigenous people of the forest. This passing on of knowledge happened without any written mat...

07 September, 2017

      We live in a world filled with plants, but how often do we pause to feel into the wisdom that they carry, and all the ways they influence our lives? This video serves as an explanation of the relationship that we have wi...

04 August, 2017

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