📷 ~ Yawanawá Village Life

📷 ~ Yawanawá Village Life

Oct 04, 2017


In the last years I have spent quite some time in the Amazon in Brazil with the Yawanawá Indians. In my previous blogs I have written about how I met them and shared some stories about our time together. 

I am so grateful for all the time I have spent with the tribe. To learn from them and their ancient Sacred practices has been a tremendous gift in my life. To live with them in the forest, out of communication and far from the Western Society has been such a tremendously rich experience. 

In Western society we are so connected all the time: electricity, internet, social media, internet, communication. We spend a lot of time with our phones, computers and TV's. The mind is constantly managing all those impulses from the outside; which email to write, which call still to make, browsing the internet, managing schedules, managing appointments and relationships, and even planning our next vacation. The mind is constantly being shaken with all these impulses. As we are more often then not, so busy with these things, we have become accustomed to that. This experience has become our 'normal'. 

When we enter into untouched nature, without any communication for an extended period of time, the mind slowly settles down. Like a muddy glass of water placed on a table, the mud will slowly go to the bottom, leaving a glass of crystal clear water. With that level of stillness in the mind, deep layers of clarity and higher levels of consciousness can be reached.

If you are ever hunting for visions and clarity... the jungle is for sure a place to go!

We are considering to take some small groups into the jungle during our time there and to hold a 1-month dieta together with the Yawanawá Indians. 

If that is something that speaks to you, let us know!

I hope you will enjoy this impression of the village life in the jungle. 




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