What Things to Consider before Sitting in a Sacred Ceremony?

What Things to Consider before Sitting in a Sacred Ceremony?

Aug 20, 2017

We are living in a time where ceremonies are re-emerging from their history of being forgotten. Teachers, healers, shamans and guides are becoming a common job title. It’s beautiful that we live in a time where this is happening. At the same time it makes it important to have a certain level of discernment before saying YES to an experience.  

Why do we seek out teachers, healers and guides, or desire to sit in a ceremony of any sort in the first place?

To receive.

In whatever way it is at the time, we hope to receive.

We hope to receive guidance in our life, inspiration on a new way of living, we hope to receive the nourishment of sitting in a circle, in community. We hope to learn how to be of service to the world, or to receive something in response to the burning fire inside of us to evolve and expand.

When it comes to experiencing the potential of a sacred experience such as a ceremony or a healing session, we are invited into the world of the subtle.

With this sacred work, we are working with our energetic body and the energetic field around us, receiving the information that is being transferred without words.

The kind of work that requires the wisdom of our cells, and of our body; the feeling level of our experience.

In order to receive at this level, we must feel safe. We must trust the space, and the energetic capacity of the space holders to hold what we carry inside of us. If on an energetic level we don’t feel that the space holder can hold our experience, we will (unconsciously) maintain a level of control and not let go. This is why it is so important to be in the presence of people who have done the work, are rooted in their Authentic Self, and are not jumping into offering things too early due to the fueling desires of their ego.

Yes, it is very beautiful to flow with the opportunities, names and spaces that have been placed on our path, but it is important to be tuned into what it really means to ‘hold space’ and what qualities are necessary to create a container rooted in integrity and filled with purity and love.

When it comes to ceremonies and working with sacred medicines, there are three foundational things to consider, and to inquire if the people sharing the experience are aware of, too.


 -       Connection to Indigenous People or the Original Source.

Is there a connection to the Indigenous People? To the land and culture where the medicine comes from? Is there a teacher – student relationship being fostered between the person offering the medicine, and with the original holders of the medicine? This is very important.


-       Connection to the Medicine.

Where exactly does the medicine that is served come from? Does the person offering the medicine know where it comes from, and how it was made? Have they spent time making it themselves? On a bigger picture, is there an awareness of how it is being treated? If it is becoming extinct? If efforts need to be made to support the regeneration of the medicine? In such a time where medicines and ceremonies of all sorts are popping up, also this is a very important question to ask.


-       Connection to a Lineage.

If we go back to where medicine comes originally comes from – it was a certain piece of land, and from a lineage, which carried the tradition for thousands of years. Is there a connection present at all in the ceremony? Just like it’s the roots which hold the tree and connect it to the earth, that connection to the original lineage of the medicine is so important to the authenticity and integrity of the medicine itself. For example, does the medicine come from the Santo Daime or the Native American Church?  In Tantra or Yoga – is there a connection to a teacher or a certain lineage? Or at least a conscious decision made to veer off?

As the world of ceremony and sacred medicines emerge in our Western World, may these notes support you in your own process of feeling what is right.

It is good to explore the answers to these questions, at the same time: trust the feeling you have inside, trust your intuition. After all, that is what all of these ceremonies and teachings are trying to share with us anyways – to connect with the wisdom of our bodies; to feel with our intuition what is right and what is true.

These ceremonies are emerging at the same time that we are transitioning from the Age of Knowledge (the masculine) to the Age of Intuition (the feminine), supporting us to make this shift. In the end, it is not about checking off a list of the pros and cons, or the achievements of the space holder, it is about feeling a connection. Feeling a YES in our bodies, and trusting the truth in that message.

May we all feel supported and inspired in our Journey towards feeling, allowing, and trusting. 


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