What can you expect from a SacredJourney.Earth Gathering?

What can you expect from a SacredJourney.Earth Gathering?

Jul 23, 2017

You feel the call to the medicine, but mentally you don't understand why, or you're not at all sure of what to expect. But in divine timing, the right opportunity presents itself in a feel-good way, and you end up committing to a Sacred Journey Medicine Gathering.

Now what?

What happens after you say YES to the Medicine, and to this experience with us?

On a very practical level, you can expect to feel taken care of from the moment you sign up.

You will receive an email from us confirming your space, thanking you for your decision to join, and sharing that you will receive an email with more information regarding preparation two weeks before the onset of the gathering, and that if any questions arise in the meantime, we are there to help.

From the weeks leading up to the gathering to the moments you arrive, you will feel that the details have been tended to, and that you are safe. During the gathering, you will be nourished by delicious, healthy and organic food, and you will be supported by a loving and experienced support team. You can expect to meet new friends that will become family, and to have your cup filled at the level of your soul. You can expect to hear music that will inspire and uplift you and maybe even activate a call to learn an instrument yourself.

On a spiritual and emotional level:

The moment you say YES to the medicine, she shows up in your life. For every person it is different. For some it may be strong. For some, gentle. Maybe things in your life will become amplified – things you never noticed will become very clear, asking for your attention. Things may slowly start to unravel, or may begin to piece themselves together. Things in your life showing up asking to be made clear, or to be rearranged.

As the gathering approaches, resistance may come in strongly. So strong, that you may find reasons to not go at all. Even stronger, that something may manifest in your life that really forces you to cancel.

 And then you arrive.

 Jitters, fear, butterflies, anticipation, excitement and all.

This is why the first night is called, ‘A Gentle Introduction’.

It is a night dedicated to feeling safe and developing trust… with the medicine, with the space, and with us as space holders. For when we feel safe, our body relaxes and we are able to really receive in a deep way.

And then, after a thorough introduction, explanation, and round of sharing, we drink. The Sacred Mother Medicine.

The Mother of all Medicines, the Grandmother Medicine.

Pure and Powerful in the fullness of her femininity.

Even if we have been raised by beautiful and loving parents, and had a very connected mother, we all carry a wounding inside of us with the sacred feminine. The mother wound in all of us is anything but personal. It stands for more than just our relationship to our Birth Mother, but a global detachment from Mother Earth, and Mother Nature; a disconnection from the feminine force inside of each of our Souls. The part of us that wants to slow down and feel, to honor our emotional body wisdom, to make decisions from our hearts and our wombs, and to be guided by our intuitive sense.

Through working with the medicine, we are feeding ourselves with this feminine wisdom, and unveiling all the pieces of ourselves where we have denied this wisdom a voice.

For maybe the first time, I truly FEEL. 

I learn that feeling is in fact healing.

I understand why I responded to something the way I did. Why my friend, sister or mother responded the way that she did. And that it came from a place of suffering within. I feel compassion for myself and for her for the unfolding of it all.

I feel compassion for everything and everyone! I truly feel the greatness and the wisdom in my sensitivity.

I feel for the Earth, for our dear Mother Earth that supports and provides for us, and blesses us with her beauty. Wow, what a beautiful Earth we live on. I want to spend more time with her, and take care of her.

I feel gratitude for so many in my life. In fact, I want to call them and tell them how grateful I am for them.

I see and feel the energy that exists inside of me, and outside of me, and between us. We are truly energetic beings who create our life in every moment through the energy we radiate, the thoughts we think, and the words we speak. We are powerful Creators!

I feel light and free. 

I feel that for the first time, I can truly SEE. 

I feel clear and connected.

I feel empowered, and grateful.

I feel my Heart! In all it's wisdom, sensitivity and power. 

I feel so inspired to be the best version of my Self, and to help others to see and feel this Truth as well.

I feel AM a Peace Warrior of this powerful transitional Time on this beautiful planet.

I feel the true Sacredness of this Human Journey here on Earth.

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