📷 ~ What are Teacher Plants?

📷 ~ What are Teacher Plants?

Aug 04, 2017




We live in a world filled with plants, but how often do we pause to feel into the wisdom that they carry, and all the ways they influence our lives?

This video serves as an explanation of the relationship that we have with the plants around us; the plants that give us the oxygen that we breath, the plants that feed and nurture us, and the plants that heal and teach us.

The plants give us life in so many ways, and we can be very grateful for Mother Earth to give us so many plants, trees and flowers. Without them we would not be alive on this planet. 

The other way around, regardless if we were to leave this planet, the plants would still be there. We depend on them for our lives, but they don't depend on us for their lives. Something for all of us to realize. 

In this video, teacher plants are mentioned. These teacher plants have been with us for very long time. They can help to induce the state of dreaming and visions, heal deep layers of trauma and give us many insights and teachings. One of the teacher plants that has been with us for a very long time is the Sacred Plant Ayahuasca. A vine that grows in the Amazon Rainforest.

From that vine, a tea, a medicine, can be made, that has been used for thousands of years by the Indigenous people in the forest in their Sacred Healing rituals.

I hope you enjoy this video! 
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Filmed in the Bristlecone Pine Forest in Central California, USA

Dennis Notten

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