The Value of Mental Self-Care

The Value of Mental Self-Care

Mar 06, 2018

Just as there are different layers of our being, there are different levels of self-care: physical self-care, emotional self-care, spiritual self-care, sexual self-care, and mental self-care.

I want to speak a bit about mental self-care.

While meditation is a beautiful tool to cultivate stillness and increase awareness, another important and less talked about tool is Self-Inquiry.

The mind is the realm of stories and beliefs. Both of these aspects of the mind can bring us so much enjoyment and peace. They can also bring immense suffering.

Self-Inquiry becomes very helpful and transformational for those thoughts and beliefs that bring us suffering.

Ong So Hung – What I am to be, I already am.

Any story that says otherwise, question it.

No person or situation can upset us.  It is the thoughts and beliefs we have about the person or situation that can upset us. In other words, what we believe onto a person or a situation.

When we take a moment to really feel into that statement, we begin to see that our experience is truly deeply, ours. We really do have a choice in the matter of our happiness… but we have to take responsibility for it. How empowering!

Hidden beneath the stories and beliefs that are causing us suffering are the teachings that our consciousness is asking for, and where the opportunity for growth and transformation begins. 

First, we have to notice the limiting belief or story that is replaying itself, and question it. Is it really true?

Some examples of common beliefs: In order to make good money, I have to work really hard.

Or, to name a few more: I’m not ready yet. I’m not good enough. There isn’t enough time.

An example of a situation: I am angry because my husband doesn’t take enough responsibility with the children.

All of the above examples create suffering in their own way. The first examples of belief influence how we show up in the bigger picture of our life. It is the operating system that we are creating from, you could say.

The second example, a particular situation, directly influences the relationship with one's husband, as well as our day-to-day experience of happiness, or lack thereof.

There are different ways to unravel these limiting beliefs and stories, but it starts by just noticing them, by becoming aware of their presence.

Can I know without a question of a doubt, that this story or belief is true? As we poke at these stories and beliefs through a series of questions and tools (which I won’t go into here) we begin to see very clearly, that these stories are being believed and projected onto a situation or a person. If we don’t take the time to notice it, to see it and name it as such, it just is. Wow.

In other words, when we take the time to question these things which create suffering for us, we begin to see things more clearly, to see things as they truly are, free of the story or belief that we attached to it. There is space.

Our path begins to become more clear, less foggy, and less paralyzed by the patterns that have kept us stuck. They may still be present, but they are softer, and the steps forward are clear enough to keep you walking.

The combination of working with limiting beliefs in such as a way and being supported into taking courageous action steps is a potent combination for transformation and growth.

In a world where our minds are becoming so ‘busy’ it is more important than ever to take good care of our mental health, and to develop tools and support to keep us mentally clear and connected to what our hearts know is possible.

If you would like support in coaching and taking steps towards creating the life of your dreams, feel free to email Kristen at [email protected] to explore the possibility of working together.

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