The story of the 3 Seeds

The story of the 3 Seeds

Jan 05, 2017

Hi All ~

How are you?
Hope this email finds you in high spirits.

It's been a while since I've shared with you. At the end of October, I set off to spend 7 weeks with the Yawanawa Indians. Wow, to see them again was so special. We had been communicating over the phone months prior to my arrival, planning the expansion of the centre we had started while I was with them a year prior for a 3 month dieta. To see all of those beautiful faces again in person was amazing. To share big hugs and to be back in the pristine nature of the Amazon forest touched me so deeply. Tears were running down my cheeks and I hardly could speak; my heart was singing songs of love and gratitude...

I wrote more about this reunion here in a blog post.

At the moment, I am in California with Kristen, enjoying slowing down and reflecting. With the new year, I have begun contemplating my intentions for this upcoming year. What would l like to manifest? Which direction do I want to go?

I came across a story that touched me; a story that provided clarity around what is already happening. It is the Story of the 3 Seeds and I would like to share it with you:


Once upon a time, we embarked on a long Journey called Separation. It was a Journey with a purpose; to experience the extremes of separation, to develop the gifts that come in response to it, and to integrate all of it in a new age of Reunion. We knew at the beginning of that Journey that it would not be an easy one; that we might become lost in separation and never come back. We might become so alienated from nature that we would destroy the very basis of life; we might become so separated from each other that our poor egos, left naked and terrified, would become incapable of rejoining the community of all beings.

That is why, long long ago, we planted 3 seeds that would sprout at the time that our journey of separation reached its extremes. Three seeds, three transmissions from the past to the future, three ways of preserving and transmitting the truth of the world, the self, and how to be human.

Imagine you were alive 20.000 years ago and had a vision of all that was to come: agriculture, the domestication of the wild, dominion over other species and the land, machines, the forgetting of how beautiful and perfect the world is, the automatization of society, a world where humans fear even to drink of the streams and rivers, where we live among strangers and don't know the people next door, where we kill across the planet with the touch of a button, where we are so broken that we dare not remember that it isn't supposed to be this way. Imagine you saw it all coming. How would you help people 20.000 years later? How would you send information, knowledge, aid over such a vast gulf of time? Maybe this actually happened... and this is where we come to the 3 seeds.

The first seed was the lineages of wisdom: lines of transmission going back thousands of years that have preserved and protected essential knowledge. From adept to disciple in every part of the world, various wisdom traditions have passed down teachings in secret. Wisdom keepers, Sufis, Zen masters, Yogis, Kabbalists, Taoist wizards, Christian mystics, shamans and many others kept this knowledge safe until the time when the world would be ready to reclaim it.

And guess what? That time is now! The time of secrets is over, the time of sharing has come.

The second seed was the sacred stories: myths, legends, fairy tales, folklore and the perennial themes that keep reappearing in various shapes throughout history. They have always been with us, so that however far we have wandered in the labyrinth of separation, we have always had a lifeline to the truth. The stories nurture that tiny spark of memory within us that know our origin, as well as our destination. The ancients, knowing that the truth would be distorted if left in explicit form, encoded the wisdom into stories, so that when we hear or read these stories, we are influenced on an unconscious level.

The third seed was the Indigenous tribes, the people who at some stage opted out of the journey of separation. At the outset of our Journey, the Council of Humanity gathered and certain members volunteered to abide in remote locations and forgo separation, refusing to enter into an adversarial, controlling relationship to nature, and therefore refusing the process that leads to the development of
high technology.

These people of the third seed, have nearly completed their mission today. Their mission was simply to survive long enough to provide living examples of how to be human. Each tribe carried a different piece of this knowledge. Many of them show us how to see and relate to the land, animals and plants. Others show us how to work with dreams and the unseen. Some have preserved natural ways of raising children, some tribes communicate mostly in song, some show us how to free ourselves from the mentality of linear time. All of them exemplify a way of being that we intuitively recognize and long for. They stir a memory in our hearts, and awaken our desire to return home... 

Spending time with the Yawanawa Indians, one of the indigenous tribes living in the Amazon in Brazil, stirred so much inside of me. To see how they live, in communion with nature, with love and joy, in community, opening their homes and hearts to the first western group of people who had ever entered their village, was a time that is deeply engraved into my heart. So grateful for the tribe, so grateful for the people that came on this first Journey to the Yawanawa, so grateful for the vision that called me to them.

Looking back I see that last year I started to connect more with each of these seeds: diving deeper into the world of Kundalini Yoga, sharing more stories (I've always loved stories), and forging a stronger bond with the Yawanawa and their lifestyle. .

It is my deep wish and intention to keep sharing these 3 seeds in this new year, and some new ideas are coming in... Looking forward to meet you all on this Journey!

Much love

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