The Story of an Angel: Ada ~ The Power of Daily Practice

The Story of an Angel: Ada ~ The Power of Daily Practice

Aug 15, 2015

...and what it brings me.

I just arrived back in the Sacred Valley after an unexpected trip to Europe. This trip reminded me of the importance of family and the love that I have for my parents and my sister. In a time where I was very busy with moving houses, preparing the upcoming Detox retreat, setting up the Tipi in it’s new place, and many other things, something happened in my family that called me back to the Netherlands. I am very grateful for everything that happened there.

Coming back home, I returned to the unpacking and organizing. While doing so, I got lost in some of my old diaries and feel to share a passage:

"From very early on two things were important for me in my life: Music and Ada. Music was present since I was born. My mother played the radio all the time, surrounding me with music from all over the world. She would hum to me, sing to me, and when she was not humming or singing, the radio would be singing the songs. Music was always present in our house. From an early age I was attracted to Music, it felt so natural to me. The vibrations of the sound

soothed me, relaxed me, reminded me of Home.

As soon as I could, I took Music lessons. At my school there were recorder lessons offered, and at the age of 6 I signed up. I learned quickly, and after a year I started to play the Flugelhorn, a type of trumpet. The local Fanfare Band offered the lessons. My father came with me to every single lesson I took, then when I was practicing he would often be next to me, helping me to practice in the correct manner, reminding me of the lessons of my teacher. Discipline can be really challenging when you are young! Soon after, I entered the local band. I was one of the youngest members entering - there had not been such a small member before, so they had to make a special suit for me. The first time marching with the band through the village was with the Eastern procession; the slow procession. During this procession, the Band walks very slowly through the village. The priests, the children of the village and many other people walk in that procession. The big serene steps were a challenge for me and my short legs. My parents were standing at the side of the street, shining their pride and their support. It felt great... 

Music was my first love, and it will be my last.

Then there was Ada. From a very young age, probably around 3 years old, she was always right on my side; she was my most beloved friend. I talked hours
and hours with her. I would talk to her about what happened with my family, what had happened in school, with Music, and she would share many things as well. Sometimes she woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me something, then my mother would come to me, helping me back to sleep. She was so beautiful, so wise, so funny. We laughed a lot together. All of my friends and family knew about her. Many times they would ask how she was doing, what she had told me and so on. I would randomly pick up any phone (there were no mobiles yet, so it was always a phone with a cable) and would speak to her for hours and hours, till my mother would call me for supper. The whole school knew about her, and in many of the sharing circles that we had, I talked about her; what I had done with her, what she had told me the day before. She

was an essential part of my life.

They asked me many questions about her, as I was the only one that saw her. She didn’t exist in the 3D reality, she was what the psychological world calls an “Imaginary Friend”. To me, she was one of the most real things in my


The connection with her was so strong, so pure, so direct. I would sit for hours with a phone in my hand talking with her, sometimes I would just pick up the phone for a moment, say “Hi!” and went on with my life. She guided me, she protected me and was there for me, with so much love, so much care; she was a true Angel. What a gift in my life she has been. She enriched my life on many levels, gave me so much trust, so much love, so much guidance. She was my guardian angel when i was young..."

Now, many years later, I still cherish that connection very much. She represented the depth that is possible in relationship, connecting me to the depth within myself. For a long time, I have sought that connection, ways to keep that feeling alive. Now I have found my way. My daily practice is what keeps this special connection awake inside of me. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is my daily practice that connects me to my breath and to my body every morning. Without this connection, I find that I move into a space of my mind and make choices that aren't as supportive of my health. In my journey of guiding people to happier and healthier lives, I see this disconnection as one of the biggest reasons for dis-ease. Disconnection from our feelings and the wisdom of our bodies, but in the bigger picture, the disconnection from the earth, from the plants, from our food, and from our relationships.

I see that when people are connected to their body, to their hearts and to their purpose, they radiate passion and are exited to be alive.

So how does a daily practice work?

A daily spiritual practice refers to any ritual that we perform each day to nourish our deep inner being. A spiritual practice quiets the mind and brings us into a state of peace or harmony with ourselves. A spiritual practice can take many forms—but it is not the form that matters so much as the intent. In fact, a spiritual practice does not even need to be explicitly spiritual to be effective. It simply needs to be something that helps you turn inward and connect with your own truth and purpose.

Hereunder I share a simple and beautiful meditation that could well serve you as a daily practice.



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