The Return of the Divine Feminine

The Return of the Divine Feminine

May 25, 2018

She was accomplishing everything she thought she was supposed to, but she was confused. Surrounded by friendship and success, her mind confirmed she was on the right path. So why did she feel so unsettled? She was still seeking, and not really sure where she was going. She attempted to satiate this hunger with food, work, social media, and countless books and teachings, but she still felt hungry. Lost in the depths of her sadness, she finally surrendered. Relaxing into her body, her heart and womb rejoiced in the wonder of recognition. Softening, she let go, and felt ok. Not the exciting story her mind had been seeking, but a sense of contentment in the relaxed space of being, of feeling. She let go of expectations of what she was suppose to do, of what her surroundings had imposed on her, and trusted the feelings inside. From this space of trust, she embodied the wisdom of evolution. She connected with others who were able to communicate the same. She moved with grace, with fluidity, with an ease that danced light, love and life into existence. She created the movement of energy around her. She asked herself, “What is my relationship to being a woman? What does it really mean to embrace my femininity?” She let go, and let love guide her. Relaxing into the balance within, the Universe responded with a smile. 

We have evolved in a world entrenched in the energy of the masculine. Intention, ambition and power are all necessary attributes of growth and balance, but without the softness of the feminine, a reality is created that is too strong to survive. Cities have been built, companies created, but there is no space. Little peace. Not enough love and intimacy. If we look at the world around us, we see a reflection of our world within. The repressed energy of the feminine has denied our world the fluidity of feeling and the potential in love. The receptive, loving, emotional feminine energy has been deemed weak by our Western culture at large. When we look at the energetics of the Earth, the Kundalini life force energy has been residing in a male oriented origin, the Himalayan Mountains for the past 13,000 years. We have lived the shift to its new place of resonation, the Andean mountains, which is of the feminine. Not only is this a shift of spiritual power from the male to the female, but it is also a spiritual power shift from Tibet and India to Chile and Peru. The Light of the World that has been nurtured and expanded with the Tibetan and Indian cultures is now completed. Its new reign has just begun in Chile and Peru, and soon it will speak to the hearts of all mankind. This move evolves our understanding of what “spiritual” means. It transforms according to the new energies of the future cycle, leading us into a higher spiritual path (Melchizedek, 2007, p xii). 

The energy of the feminine and masculine is within all of us, but the feminine has been lost, a mere outcast on the ego’s evolutionary journey through duality.  Sophia writes in Sacred Sexual Union: The Alchemy of Love, Power and Wisdom, “First of all, when I speak of the masculine and feminine, I am not speaking about men and women. We all carry within us both the masculine and feminine principles. One of our most important contributions to this path is to first create a sacred union within, a harmonious blend of our own internal masculine and feminine energies.” As defined by Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, health equates to balance. 

When we understand the interplay of energies within us, and the imbalance of such at this moment in our evolution, we see the opportunity for women to explore their own inner world and become the teachers of the new generation. With this understanding, how does our relationship to the feminine affect our relationship to ourselves, to our partners, to our community, and to the earth? 

What is our relationship to ourselves as women? Christiane Northrup writes, “To become healthy and whole, you must have enough courage to be in touch with the wisdom of your female body, and to follow the desires of your heart. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that our bodies and our feelings are a clear, open pathway toward our destinies.” By surrendering to our bodies, we allow ourselves full permission to express the depth of our experience, and in doing so we inspire others, both men and women to do the same. In the process of relaxing, we live in alignment with our own truth and the truth of the Universe. As women, we are connected through our womb to the creation and cycles of life. “Connecting and respecting the womb means connecting to and respecting the feminine, the deep dark untouchable places of inner wisdom, feminine power, intuition, and it means consciously living the cycles and honoring the wisdom of the cycles – birth, grow, decay, death, and rebirth” (Sofia, 2013, p 87).

Our bodies are guiding us home, but are we listening? Paksha writes in Womb Wisdom, “It’s like tapping into our own guru and making a reconnection to the web of life. It’s about feeling and intuiting where to go in life and where life wants you to go. Disclosing more wisdom from the womb in that the womb is not just about child bearing, this power of creation can also be tapped in the birth of projects, careers, healing, spirituality, and relationship.” Paksha poses the question, “Is connecting with the womb the missing piece of the art of manifestation?”

In surrendering to the power of the feminine, space is created for men to show up in a way that empowers and inspires the balance within them to express it self. A relationship emerges from a place of nourishment, and a love that is pure and powerful is able to blossom. Inviting a man into the dance of the womb allows for true support and understanding in the roller coaster of the female experience, creating a deeper connection to the fluidity and sensitivity within themselves. It is in this opportunity to support the feminine that the masculine shines.

Through the intimate relationships that are created in this union, a healthier society and a sustainable world becomes possible. In a conscious union, where the sacredness of sexuality is embraced, the health of the relationship produces better parents, raising children who develop to become conscious citizens of the world.

Through honoring the feminine and surrendering to the challenges of being a woman, we create community. Jane Collings writes, “When we consciously create rites of passage for our daughters at menarche, for our mothers at childbirth and for wise women at menopause, we inevitably create a sisterhood that permeates experience.”

In the journey of shining light on the darkness of the female repression, a powerful bond is created that unites all women. Coming together to collectively explore the uncharted territories of a painful past, a community of compassion evolves. In the feminine world of intuition and feelings lies an ocean of potential waiting to be defined. Sophia writes in Sacred Sexual Union: The Alchemy of Love, Power and Wisdom “We are entering a new renaissance. A time where (mostly) women and a growing number of courageous men are carrying the mantel of the Divine Feminine in a powerful and creative way. You shall know these ones by the wisdom streaming through their eyes, the power pulsing from their wombs and haras, and the love pouring through their hearts and souls. They have been shaped and carved by life, by living fully, dying consciously, and loving tremendously. They restore their honorable power by retrieving their own fragmented parts.”

Jane Collings writes, “The birthing practices of a culture reflect their attitudes to the feminine. If the collective womb, the feminine were honored then the self would feel the ramifications of this in the way the feminine would be accepted, and acknowledge for what it is rather than what it is not. This of course would impact everything.” What is the earth but the ultimate womb? In taking care of ourselves, of our relationships, and our community, we naturally extend this compassion and understanding to the Earth of which we all reside.

Just like our wombs teach us, just like relationships teach us, just like the Earth teaches us, in order to become anew, something needs to die. In the process of letting go, we create space for life. As we receive this understanding, we can trust that by connecting to the womb, to the feminine wisdom within, we will be guided on the path to wholeness.

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