The Power of Private Ceremonies

The Power of Private Ceremonies

May 25, 2017

“From the moment you stepped out of your car, you softened. The clear blue skies and sweet warm air calmed the nerves of first time retreaters, while breathing fresh life and excitement into those happy to have returned home. The wind chimes softly sang in the background as the trees that held them danced in tune. Walking to the front door of a charming and spacious home in the Ojai Valley, we were welcomed to what would undeniably be a special weekend. Smiling their happy-to-have-you smiles, Kristen + Dennis guided you through a tour of the space, opening their home and hearts to us all. A setting and weekend so special that only the sweetness of a starry sky in silence could compare.

Private ceremonies and private retreats are an extremely special time spent with loved ones, friends, or business partners in a space that inspires and transforms. For relationships, it is a beautiful space to spend quality time together, to work through any issues, and to deepen in love. For business partners, it is an amazing time to come together, connect as individuals, connect with the medicine, and to vision the future. For family and friends, it is a beautiful and nourishing space to come together, relax, enjoy and grow together.

The magic of private ceremonies and retreat settings is in the intimacy felt in the space and with each other. It is very special to be in such a space with those whom you feel safe and comfortable with. When this happens, some of the nerves that can be present in such an experience soften and dissolve and the connection felt between each person in the space deepens. It is precious time to connect with each other without the influence of outside stimulation, and to truly be yourself, without feeling like you need to show up in ways you may feel obliged to otherwise.  

As space holders, we are able to be much more present for you on every level, really customizing the experience to give you exactly what you need. It is a beautiful opportunity to spend quality time together – eating meals together, enjoying the day together, and then going into ceremony together – all the while answering all questions you have, and really supporting you in your journey.

We are incredibly honored to be able to host private retreats from our home in Ojai California. Our home is spacious and very comfortable, and has a big backyard with beautiful views of the Ojai Mountains with a pool, hot tub and beautiful garden. It is also possible to create a private experiences elsewhere, in a setting of your choice.

We find that these weekends are incredibly powerful for intimate relationships wanting to deepen and work on any issues that come up, or for business partners or people wanting to come together to create.

Some Powerful Pieces of Private Ceremonies:

- time to relax and be yourself with whatever people you choose to invite

- time in nature, in the pool, and with beautiful views of the Ojai Valley where you feel safe, secluded and protected (if you choose Ojai)

- delicious local, organic foods and juices

- quality time with us as facilitators to speak about things that come up

- special memories and profound experience

- personalized attention & customizable experience

As we create space around us, and return to the simplicity of nature, and to the potential of love within us, we begin to touch the sweet space of inner peace and true knowing. As we connect with the silence, things soften and find their place. Private weekends are a beautiful opportunity to really call stillness into your life, and reconnect with your heart, with nature and with each other. From this space, anything is possible.

A true gift to oneself!

If you would like to learn more about the practical side of private ceremonies, please click HERE.


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