The Journey continues...

The Journey continues...

Oct 01, 2016

I have just come back from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil to our home in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The last 3 months I spent with the Yawanawá Indians, deep in the Amazon – out of communication and away from modern living. This was very precious time; time which allowed for time within, instead of time without.

This period was special for several reasons. It was the first time Kristen came to the jungle and met the Yawanawá Indians. It was such a gift to witness how she came into the tribe and how she connected so beautifully with them, even without speaking Portuguese. What really touched me was how she interacted with the children of the tribe. She would be on her knees and heels with her arms spread wide out, inviting them for big hugs. They all loved the hugs so much. Another thing that brought a lot of joy was the hula-hoop that Kristen brought. It was hilarious to see the small boys play with it. I think I have seen some moves that I had never seen before... :-) See the video!

One of my main intentions for going into the jungle several years ago, was to meet the indigenous people and to find a place where I could learn more about the Indigenous practices of the jungle. During our time visiting the Mariri festival this July with a group of 8 beautiful people, new connections opened up. In full synchronicity, I met Matsini, the spiritual leader of another Yawanawá village, and Tata, who might be the first true Shaman I have met in my life. He is 102 years old and a shining example of humility and being in service.

I am so grateful to be learning from them, and feel so blessed to have such examples in my life. When there are people in our lives that are a bit ahead on the path, they can guide us to which steps to take, where to be careful, and in which direction to go. They shared many teachings with us in the jungle, and one of the teachings I would like to share with you here. It is about leadership.

Leadership begins when you become your own leader. It starts with organizing what you want, what you are doing, the words that you are speaking. Not reacting so quickly to your thoughts, feelings or emotions; by finding your own balance within. If you have mastered those things, then you have already become a leader of yourself. Then when you enter a relationship, that situation invites you to become a leader of that relationship; navigating all the judgments, projections and situations that come up in that relationship. Taking responsibility for them; to have the ability to respond to all those things that come up. To respond with understanding, love, compassion. Then when you start a family you become a leader of your family. When you have reached a certain level of balance within, when you have purified your mind and your heart, you will see that people come to you for advice. A leader is a leader because he or she has the answer to anything you ask him or her. To reach to that place he has studied a lot and has reached the balance necessary. Walk in this direction and you will grow as a leader. 


Hearing these words while being in the purity of the forest, I started to look again deep within, observing myself, and those people that are an example to me. In that time, I decided to enter a 6 month dieta, and to strengthen my commitment to inner growth, to being in service and to become more humble, more grateful to all. This dieta requires discipline, and where does discipline begin? With the food you eat, with the liquid you drink, with the words you speak, with your actions. So in these months I committed to not drink pure water, not to eat any salt, no sugar, nothing sweet. To not eat any fruits, hardly
any vegetables, just very simple foods like potatoes, corn and green bananas. Also, to speak only noble speech and to be celibate for the whole period, taming that very powerful sexual energy within.

For Kristen and I, this means a period of learning alternative ways to express our love to each other, and to feel connected. It is a powerful time of opening up a whole new way of relating to each other and of relating to our self in relation to the other. Words of affirmation, spending quality time together, giving gifts, acts of service, learning different ways of touch are all different languages to express love. I am so grateful for this time, which is allowing us to explore these languages, and to continue to walk this Sacred Path of Relationship as individuals, together. I am so grateful for her in my life.

What I am learning more and more is that it is very difficult to change the outer events in life. So to bring change into our lives we must change our inner experience. That is the road to leadership; that is the road to mastery.

May we each connect with the knowing that we are all leaders. Whether or not we are out in the open, in the public eye, in the front of a room or on a stage; we are all the leaders of our own lives!

Much love to you all Dennis 

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