Yoni Voice Connection

Yoni Voice Connection

May 27, 2021

The yoni (Sanskrit words for vagina) and the throat are the two main outlets for energy to enter and exit the body.

Before I dive deeper into this connection, I want to ask you a question:

Do you feel the deep seeded call to explore your voice? 

If you answered YES to that question, I'm curious... when was this seed of expression planted inside of you? 

I imagine that this awareness around your voice, and the call to explore more of it, came around the same time you became awake to a certain desire within yourself. A desire to share more of yourself, to speak up, to learn more about what is possible in your expression, a desire to sing, a desire to share more your experiences with your family, friends and your community.

This relationship between desire and expression is deep and present on so many layers of our humanity; it is physically embodied through the sexual center and the throat – the 2nd and 5th chakras.

It is my personal belief that this is a big part of our collective healing journey, especially for women, at this time. I need not say much for women to feel and understand the trauma we carry in our ancestral lineage around both our sexuality and our voices. I must also add – what an incredible healing journey to be invited into! To connect with our desires and our sexuality, and have the opportunity to express ourselves; to be living in a time where this level of freedom is available to us.

First, let’s look at the physical anatomy.

The yoni and the throat originate from the same original seed as you are being created in the womb of your mother. As you grow, one becomes two, unfurling to become the throat and the vagina. If you were to look at both the vagina and the throat, the two look wildly similar, do they not? (photo of the throat below) For those who have had the experience of touching their g-spot (on the roof of the vagina), wouldn’t you say it feels very similar in texture (that resembling a walnut) to the roof of your mouth?


photo of the vocal chords

photo of the vocal chords

The pelvis and the jaw represent anatomical polarities. Anyone who has been pregnant or given birth, knows of the connection between an open mouth and a relaxed jaw, and an open and relaxed pelvis. If you treat or heal one area of the body, the other benefits. The opposite is also true, that is, if the movement or energy flow is restricted in one of these areas, it tends to be restricted in the other. It is not a coincidence that the neck is called the cervical spine and the lower, narrow portion of the uterus is called the cervix, which is Latin for neck.

Now that we see more of the physical connection between these two parts of body, let us explore what this means for the connection between our yoni and our sexuality, and our voice and expression. 

Just as we are learning how sensitive, receptive and wise our yonis are, the same applies for the voice. 

First, let’s speak about the yoni and sexuality:

For a woman’s sexuality to really blossom and be experienced to its full capacity, there are certain things that are called for

-       To feel safe + relaxed. 

-       To feel warmed up.

-       To be tended to outside of sex with a partner. 

-       To feel heard.

Now, replace a Woman’s Sexuality with a woman’s voice….  and change sex with a partner to main stage ;)

To elaborate on all of these a bit more, both as it relates to our sexuality and the voice:

-       To feel safe + relaxed: Feeling safe is one of the biggest gifts a woman can feel within herself, and within an intimate relationship. It invites a level of relaxation and openness in her entire being, which opens up receptivity to sensation, connection and pleasure. 

               VOICE: When we feel safe within our body, our voice carries a different resonance, as well as a different strength. The voice loves to be resourced from the lower belly, womb area, as opposed from your chest. As many wise woman have said, "Speak/sing from your vagina!" When we feel safe and relaxed, we have the potential to channel our words and our song; a gift from Spirit through Spirit. When we feel relaxed, we are more playful and free, and it is translated in our voice. 

-       To feel warmed up: A woman's body needs some loving attention. The yoni appreciates romance! Tantalize her with some love and appreciation and she will share so much more of herself. She will be hungry for more... 

         VOICE: Every singer and public speaker knows that warm ups are a necessity before getting on stage. It's like tuning a guitar, but rather, your finest instrument - the voice. There are also important warms up for your body, such as dancing and shaking, to move the energy that is activated before 'taking the stage.' 

-       To be tended to outside of the sexual experience with partner: It is like any relationship. Do you know what she likes? Do you know what makes her relax? Do you know what pleasure feels like for you, and all the ways it can be received?  

        VOICE: Confidence comes from practice. I fully believe that every voice has it's own innate wisdom and it's own intelligence in what it desires to say, and how it would like to be expressed. Developing a relationship with your voice through practices and hearing yourself speak or sing, create a level of comfort in hearing yourself which is invaluable in the process of growth and ultimate freedom of expression. 

-       To feel heard: It is just like any relationship! She is incredibly wise and communicating with us all the time. She speaks through sensations and 'pussy pings' or a 'yoni yes' as I like to call them. Do you hear her? Are you friends? She also speaks through UTI's, Yeast Infections, just as the womb speaks through cramps, and other symptoms. What is she sharing with you?  

        VOICE: In Womanspeak, there is a phrase called, 'Fertile Listening.' The type of listening where a woman can't help but shine being in the presence of. Now, obviously this can't happen all the time, but when a woman has experience in this type of environment, it nurtures her confidence and her sense of self-worth, which influences her presence and how she shows up in every aspect of her life.   It creates a deep experience of trust, safety and relaxation in her body, and how she relates to being seen and expressing herself. It is powerful. To come together in circles and spaces which foster this experience is so important for women. 

Now that (hopefully) you can see and feel the deep and sacred connection between the yoni and the voice, I want to encourage you to get curious, honest, and loving with your own sacred relationships. 

I will share 1 practice so that you may begin to cultivate a loving and respectful relationship with your body and your voice. Please feel free to reach out and ask for support if you feel it may serve you. 

Sensuality Practice:

            Sensual Exploration: Create time for yourself (either in the morning or night) and set your space so that it feels cozy and inviting. Play music, light candles if you wish, and have high quality oil close (I enjoy nice coconut oil). Take off all your clothes, and start caressing and massaging your entire body. Remembering to move slowly and lovingly. Pretend this is the first time touching your body. What are you feeling? What does it feel like? Cultivate a deep sensitivity and awareness of the subtle sensations on your body. I would encourage you for 5 minutes to just name the different sensations that you are feeling (this is a powerful practice in itself!) Play with different strokes, and do this with every part of your body except for your yoni... take a while before you move to her. Wait and see if she invites you in... maybe she doesn't for a while, or even for the entirety of your session. Remember she likes to be romanced. (Also remember that the goal is not orgasm.) Get to know yourself in this loving, curious, receptive way. You can continue this exercise multiple times a week for a month, and a new deep and beautiful relationship with your body will begin. 

Voice Practice:

            Mirror Work: Speaking/screaming/singing/talking dirty to yourself in the mirror. Do whatever makes you feel the most uncomfortable. Vocal toning is also very supportive (sounding ahh in different pitches). The intention here is to be doing something that opens your throat, moves the the energy through your voice, and allows you to really hear yourself (without any judgement).    

Cheering you on as you say YES to the fullness of you! 

I'll end with a question, just as I began: So.... 

What does Pussy want to say? 

(For anyone who has a hard time or is unfamiliar with the magic and sacredness of the word, Pussy, I recommend reading the book, PUSSY: A Reclamation by Regna Thomashaur)

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