Pleasure as a Spiritual Path

Pleasure as a Spiritual Path

Nov 18, 2017

Pleasure as a Spiritual Path: does it feel like a paradox?

As a society, we have been conditioned to relate to Pleasure as a luxury, or something that happens only when we create time for it, or when we are worthy to receive it, or whatever other story we have around Pleasure.
Some may think of Spirituality as only meditation, quietness, self-inquiry, daily practice, journaling, or anything else of the sort.

What happens if we change that story to Pleasure is a Way of Being, and a Way of Believing. That spirituality is a celebration of the Magic of the Human Experience and an honoring and enjoyment of the thread that weaves us all together; to the Earth beneath us, the people and animals beside us, the sky, and stars above us. What happens when we relate to the elemental energies such as air, earth, fire and water, as Orgasmic? Orgasmic Life Force Energy that is moving through us and around us all the time, just as breath moves through our body every day.

In this beautiful state of believing, we could more easily and accessibly say YES to Pleasure and relax into the Orgasmic Life Force Energy that is coursing through our veins. Allowing the state of Orgasm to shift from being an allusive experience that we have to really work for, to an experience that we surrender into.
It is when we become present, surrender, and allow, that we tap into the potential for Orgasmic Energy to be, and to really relish in it.

Imagine that?!

Pleasure not as something we create in certain moments with another, but an invitation into the present moment, into the feeling level of our experience.
What is Pleasure? Like everything else in this world, it is energy.

Ecstasy = energy.

It could also be looked at as sensations in our body. A warm tingly sensation on our skin, a burning fire in our groin, a tickle of a feather on our chest, a pulsating at our cervix. From here, we have two options.

 1. Disassociate from it and move into the familiar comforts of the mental body. As a result, we don’t feel any sensation, but rather numbness and the chaos of the mind.

 2. Bring our full awareness and presence to the sensation; becoming the sensation. It expands, and is given the opportunity to fully express itself. It lives!

When we live in our body and move more into the sensational, felt sense of our experience, we find that there is so much pleasure that is available to us. What makes this a Spiritual Path worth walking, is that surrendering to the pulsing Orgasmic Energy that is present around us and inside of us is not always easy. In fact, we have years and years of cultural and (likely) familial conditioning that is instead asking us to disassociate from this experience, and not to feel.

“It is much safer to be in the racing thoughts of one’s mind than to be in the watery world of the emotions and of the body!” says the Ego.

So, we have to work for it.
How beautiful to work for, and to continue to walk towards deeper presence, everyday pleasure, deeper connection with One’s self and one’s Beloved, and towards a pure Celebration of the Human Body and this Experience.

My greatest wish is for a world where more women and couples experience increased forms of pure Pleasure in their bodies and in their hearts. Could you imagine how our world would change?! 


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Pleasure as a Spiritual Path: does it feel like a paradox? As a society, we have been conditioned to relate to Pleasure as a luxury, or something that happens only when we create time for it, or when we are worthy to receive it, or whatever other...

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