How to be your own best guide during COVID-19

How to be your own best guide during COVID-19

Apr 13, 2020

Hi ~

One of the most challenging parts of this global crisis for me has been maintaining a consistently high vibration mindset without falling into fear or negativity.

With so much uncertainty in the world around the coronavirus and the global economy I’m finding it more challenging than usual to stay deeply rooted in my center.

And while I’ve been using this time to dive more deeply into my spiritual practices and relationship with Kristen...while also reveling in the ‘oh so sweet' extra peace and quiet of life having slowed down...

It's still easier than usually for something to knock me out of my center, especially with so many news outlets pushing out sensationalist headlines that seem to change direction all the time.

But for some reason it feels very tempting and somehow even “responsible" to check news updates about COVID-19.

Maybe you’ve also found yourself checking the news way more than usual. Or scrolling through your social feeds and WhatsApp groups several times a day to see how your peers are dealing with the situation.

But you may have noticed by now that trying to find solace in ‘news’ isn’t proving to be very effective.

It's important to acknowledge that it’s not the media’s job to help us find clarity or peace of mind. It’s the media’s job to keep our attention hooked.

And, it’s also not other people’s job to help us decide what to do or how to best respond to this situation. It is our own.

So while keeping informed about the latest measures is, of course important, it’s also really important to consciously and regularly disengage from the “noise”, as the stress and additional cortisol this creates in our bodies can wreak havoc on our immune system.

And that’s the exact opposite of what we need right now.

That’s why today I would love to offer you the suggestion to see this unprecedented time as a powerful opportunity to turn within and find your own guidance.

Because the truth is that everything you need to be able to adequately respond to what this crisis means to you is already inside of you. You hold the answers to your own best choices.

And if you take the time to tune in and reconnect with your own power you will find that your inner wisdom is always the best guide you have, no matter what challenge you face.

I believe we are in an incredibly important period where we get to rethink and reshift how we treat ourselves, others and the planet we live on.

You can be part of that positive change, simply by starting to take really good care of your own spirit and energy. And by learning to become your own best guide and operate from a place of self-love, clarity, and stillness in a world that is full of noise and fear.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done. So if you feel like you have failed at this in the past weeks (like me :)), then please be kind to yourself because this is totally normal.

To help you reconnect with your own spirit from now on, I would love to offer you access to a powerful 1-hour vibration raising yoga class, so you can start to (re)embody a more positive energy from the inside out.

In the class you will learn how to:

– Find union with yourself no matter what is going on around you
– Connect to the energy of our source, our creator
– Feel more love, joy, gratitude, and compassion
– Reawaken dormant energy in your body
– Strengthen your nervous system so you can handle any challenge that comes your way

I hope this class will elevate you and help you reconnect with a higher vibration and consciousness. Because even though this energy may have felt far away in the past weeks, it is still right here to guide you at any time.

It is my mission to help you come out of this challenging period more in tune with your true nature, and more connected to your inner strength than ever before.

Just press play on the video below to get started

Much love,

PS: Would you like to get more support on how to keep your vibration high and come out of this period as a stronger, more whole version of yourself? Then I would love to invite you to apply for my Ayahuasca Microdosing Program for which I’ve just re-opened applications.

The 90-day AyaFlow Program includes daily spiritual practices, intention setting, group coaching, and Microdosing Ayahuasca tea to help you reconnect to your authentic self and create a life based on your deepest desires.

If you feel like now is the time to tune into your soul’s purpose and start making the changes in your life that you would like to see, then I would love to have a chat with you about the program so you can find out if it’s right for you. You can book a free 20-minute exploration call here (no obligations, this is just an exploratory chat to see if it’s a fit.)

Or, if you’d like to read more about the program first, who it’s for, what you’ll get and which results people have experienced since joining, you can visit our program page here. I look forward to connecting with you.  


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