📷 ~ How is a Sacred Medicine made? - The Power of the Santo Daime

📷 ~ How is a Sacred Medicine made? - The Power of the Santo Daime

Sep 08, 2017


The ancient process of preparing a Sacred Medicine has been passed on from generation to generation, from grandparents to grandchildren by the Indigenous people of the forest. This passing on of knowledge happened without any written materials, over the time span of many thousands of years. 

These processes of preparation of a Sacred Medicine are not common in our Western society. In the last century the Sacred Medicines have been finding their way into the world, out of the forest. The Indigenous people told me that it is happening exactly in this time of humanity where we are going though a big transformation. Many prophecies have been given about this time that we are living in now. The medicines come out of the forest to help us with this shift. The shift form going form the masculine half of a huge cycle (the whole cycle is 26.000 years) to the feminine half of the cycle. Going from the age of wisdom, knowledge, into the age of intuition. 

In this time where the Sacred Medicines are finding their way into the world, it is important to stay connected with the ancient rituals and processes around the preparation, making sure that the medicine is made in a sacred and right way. 

There is a huge difference with a medicine being made in a kitchen with dried ingredients ordered from the internet, and a medicine that is brewed inside a ceremony, with fresh ingredients right from the jungle. 

In this video I explain how the medicine of the Santo Daime (Ayahuasca) is made traditionally. Fully understanding and combining the power of community and the power of intention & prayer. What comes out of that process is a wonderful, high vibrational medicine, that carries a lot of healing, a lot of teachings and wisdom with a lot of purity and clarity. 

I hope you enjoy this video! 
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Filmed in the Bristlecone Pine Forest in Central California, USA

Dennis Notten

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