Home in Ojai!

Home in Ojai!

Apr 15, 2017

Happy Spring from Ojai, California!

We are so happy to share that we have arrived in the charming town of Ojai, and unpacked our suitcases. These past years have involved a lot of travel for Dennis and I, which although amazing, has created a yearning and readiness for HOME. We are so grateful the time has come to unpack our boxes, ground and put roots down, create community, and step into the next level of service. The manifestation of service that happens only when you are in one place and are able to take consistent intentional action steps towards a vision.

For now, we are nestled between the mountains, in the womb of the Ojai Valley, listening to the land and to our bodies. We find that we are really being invited to be patient and allow the Universe to share where and how we are needed. It is easy to force and to manipulate, but the energy of the feminine is continually reminding us to trust and to listen. We are enjoying patiently working on our things, studying, playing, and practicing.

As we look back on these last months, and years, which consisted of a large amount of travel, we both feel immense gratitude for our daily practice. The one thing that remained consistent regardless of the house, country, or continent we were in at the time, was our practice; our sense of home amidst the travel, our place of stillness amidst the movement.

We look forward to stay connected with each of you, and hopefully see you at a retreat or online soon!

With so much love and many Spring blessings ~
Kristen & Dennis

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