Hello from the Mountains of Montana!

Hello from the Mountains of Montana!

Jun 12, 2016

We have just arrived in the lovely town of Whitefish, Montana after spending the last months between Europe and Miami. Most recently, we arrived from the beautiful green country of Estonia, where we completed a 6-day 'Tantra Touch’ course. This time was a beautiful gift for us both, allowing us the space to really receive, as well as become friendly with any resistance we have towards receiving. Ultimately, it allowed us to relax into a deeper love.

A beautiful blend of active meditations, exercises to work with emotions, and massage work, it was a week of creating intimacy not only with ourselves, but also with each other as partners. It was clear to see that the greatest challenge in receiving is in relaxing. Allowing our true Self, our Wild Self, the space to simply be, to feel and to express fully.

When we reconnect with this Wild Man or Woman within and honor their needs and desires, we become empowered and free. Outside of working in partnership, one of the most promising ways to do this as shared by depth psychologist, Bill Plotkin, is by spending time in ‘Wild Nature.’ “Plotkin suggests that one of the most reliable ways of getting in touch with the deeper self, the soul, is by spending extended periods of time in wild nature, and allowing it to reflect the soul
~ Yoga & Music on the Coast of Belgium ~ ~ The view from our room in Estonia ~

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back to our conscious selves.”
As such, we are feeling especially excited to depart for the Brazilian Amazon at the beginning of July and spend 2 months there. Deep in the wilderness of Nature, we connect with the Wilderness within.

During this time we will be guiding a small group of people on a “Journey to the Yawanawa Indians” where we will first visit the infamous Mariri Festival. We have 2 spaces open for this experience.
We will also be taking a handful of people for a month long dieta. This experience is full.

We look forward to seeing you, whenever that may be! If you have anything you would like to share with us, please "Reply" - we would love to hear from you!

With so much love, Kristen & Dennis

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