📷 ~ Dietas in the tradition of the Yawanawá Indians ~ An explanation

📷 ~ Dietas in the tradition of the Yawanawá Indians ~ An explanation

Dec 01, 2017


Dietas are the ancient rite of passage which originate from the Indigenous people of the Amazon forest. These people have been working with medicinal plants and the spiritual forces for millennia.

On that path of learning from the spiritual forces they came up with the process of Dieta. A path of which to walk to prepare one to become a leader, a healer or a shaman. 

Dietas are very ancient practices that prepare a person to actualize their destiny. It is a huge process of purification and learning; the ways in their tradition to reach deeper levels of understanding with the Sacred Medicines and reality in general. 

In this video I explain a bit about the process of Dieta as they are done in the tradition of the Yawanawá Indians in Brazil. 

I hope you enjoy this video! 

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Filmed in Ojai, California, USA

Dennis Notten

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