Back in the Mountains!

Back in the Mountains!

Jul 30, 2015

...and gosh does it feel nice to be home.

We just arrived back in the Sacred Valley after 5 weeks in Europe. It was a full trip reconnecting with friends and family, working, and enjoying. Dennis began his Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Amsterdam, and together, we completed Level 1 of a 7 level “Soulmate Training” on the island of Corfu in Greece. We ended our trip by sharing 3 deep and beautiful ceremonies in Brussels, Belgium.

Now, home, we are resting, working, and integrating. Feeling the effects of the Kundalini and Soulmate trainings, and especially feeling the transformative power of relationships. Is this life not one big dance and our relationships the ever-changing partner? Relationship

to love, to our mind, to our family, to our career. Our lover being the biggest mirror for our self-
sabotaging tendencies that show up in many of these.

The Soulmate Training left us with much work, even here in Peru. A beautiful blend of individual active meditations, partner exercises, and "love appointments,” it was a week of moving energy and digging through our childhood traumas and emotional history. For while the core of this training is the soulmate relationship, the real work occurs deep in our emotional body, as it is our conditioned responses that keep us from connecting to the pleasure that rests in the intimate space of our heart.

At the moment, we are deepening in our practices and diving into our emotional bodies, which although challenging, is also rewarding when done in partnership. We look forward to see where this takes us, and to share with all of you.

With so much love,
Kristen & Dennis

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