Back from the Jungle!

Back from the Jungle!

Sep 15, 2016

I just arrived back at our home in Peru after spending the last 2 months in the Jungle in Brazil. During this time, we spent 12 days with an amazing group of 7 individuals during our “Journey to the Yawanawa Indians & the Mariri Festival” retreat. Then, with 6 others, we dropped into a 1- month long Dieta. While in the jungle, many beautiful meetings and events happened which led Dennis to opening a 6-month Dieta for himself, swallowing the saliva of a snake. As such, we decided that he spend 3 additional weeks in the Jungle to be with this experience. He will be out of the Jungle and back in Peru at the beginning of October, before heading back to Brazil in November.

Our time in the Jungle was nothing short of amazing. To experience the Indigenous people, the land, the music, and the profundity of Dieta time is truly a once in a lifetime experience. For me, having it been my first time in the Jungle, I am filled with gratitude in my heart and so much excitement to return next year. To experience all that Dennis has created in the Jungle was so special - he has many good friends that are Indigenous people!

Having it also been my first Dieta, I have nothing but deep respect for the path of Shamanism and the sacred path of Dietas. The time of a Dieta is strong – weakening the body to strengthen the connection to Spirit. For us in the Western World, it really is a time of letting go, letting be, and learning what is. With eating simple foods, drinking little liquid (3 cups a day and no pure water),
working with plant medicines, and having time to yourself without stimulation from the outside world, clarity knocks on your door. You can’t help but see old stories and self-sabotaging tendencies play themselves out in your reality. Then comes the invitation: the opportunity to make new choices and create a new. This time of Dieta is truly fertile ground - a time to plant seeds for the future. I am beyond grateful for this time in the jungle; for the people of the forest, for the plants, for all the animals, and for my love, who opened this door for myself and many others to walk through. Muito, muito obrigado!

For these upcoming months, we have 2 retreats that we are offering in October in Peru, before heading to California for the Holidays. We would love to see you soon!

Until then, be well! If you have anything you would like to share with us, please "Reply" - we would love to hear from you!
Sending my love from Peru ~

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