And she said YES~!!!!!!!!

And she said YES~!!!!!!!!

Mar 03, 2016

Dear All ~

Yesterday was a very special day. First of all it was my 35th Birthday.

For my birthday, Kristen took me on a surprise outing. When we left, I had no idea of where we were going. We ended up driving along the magnificent coast of Big Sur in California, one of the most beautiful places on earth that I know.

"There are many that agree with me that the greatest meeting of land and sea on this earth happens in a place called Big Sur"

We arrived at a very special place: the Esalen Institute. For years, this place has been a huge source of inspiration in my life. In this place, many great souls and brilliant minds have come together. Sitting in the hot springs overlooking the crashing waves feeling the warmth of the sun, many ideas have been birthed, visions shared, connections made and countless companies created - in such a place of beauty and in such a space of awe, anything feels possible. Great teachers have taught here and many visionaries have radiated their light; a true source of inspiration for many.
Walking on the land felt special. We received the amazing Esalen massages; my body relaxed and afterwards, we sat in the hot springs overlooking the vast ocean.

We had a deep conversation about the love we feel for each other and how grateful we are that we found each other. She from California, and I from the Netherlands, meeting in Peru.

And there and then, sitting on the stones, in the natural hot waters of Esalen, overlooking the limitless ocean, the stunning mountains backing us up, an eagle above us in the sky, sitting on my knees, I asked her the question....

And she said YES!!!!


So much gratitude to walk this life together baby! I love you so much, I don't have words for it. You carry so much beauty, grace, joy, light, happiness, wisdom and you have so many wonderful gifts to share with the world. I feel truly blessed to be by your side. So grateful for all that we have shared, for this special moment, and for all that is in front of us.

I love you, with all my heart, with all my soul


The most beautiful birthday ever
We are looking forward to share this love with all of you! Dennis & Kristen

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