A Powerful Practice for Healthier Lungs

A Powerful Practice for Healthier Lungs

Apr 11, 2020

This week has been challenging!

Stuck at home in quarantine I had this vision of myself using this time to become the absolute best version of myself.

I visualized myself doing lots of exercise with my spare time, getting really strong and fit physically. Eating super healthy and spending lots of time in my spiritual practices getting super focussed and clear mentally, wanting to make the best of this situation and come out of it even stronger than when I went in.

But instead, I’ve been having a difficult time this week feeling weak, tired and without lots of inspiration.

And what's worse is I’ve found myself judging myself for it. 

I’ve had a soundtrack playing on repeat in my head…

 “You’ve been feeling sick for over 2 months. Pathetic! You should be fully recovered by now...and you said you were going to do your spiritual practices everyday this week and you haven’t”


This morning during my meditation I took a step back from my internal monologue and realized I was being too hard on myself.

I can imagine for many of you out there that you may be feeling the same way, creating expectations on yourself for this time that you just can't meet.

I can also imagine that many of you are going through strong challenges yourself during this time. 

You might also be feeling a little weak or sick. 

You might be having a challenging time with your relationships or business.

You might be exhausted looking after the kids.

So while this is a great time to strengthen ourselves and grow, it's also important to really take care and nurture ourselves during this time.

I was wondering what I could do to both nurture myself emotionally and also strengthen my body and immune system (in particular my lungs) to protect myself from coronavirus.

And I remembered a yoga practice I filmed when I was living down in the jungle in Brazil.

I was there doing a 6-month Ayahuasca Dieta (A very strong process where it was important to both nurture myself emotionally and strengthen myself physically at the same time). 

The yoga practice that I was doing helped strengthen my body, mind and spirit in a loving way so I could stay focussed on my spiritual transformation during the diets.

It’s such a beautiful practice because it incorporates a seated yoga practice which is energetic but not draining, and a meditation that helps:

  • Expand your lung capacity and let go of any tightness in your lungs that you’ve been feeling lately.
  • release negative emotions and worries about the coronavirus that are stuck in your body.
  • prepare your body for deep states of relaxation no matter what is going on in the world.
  • release tension in your muscles to release tension in your mind.
  • call in the force of your intuition to help guide you during this challenging time.

I’m going to do it myself this week and wanted to share it with you to support you in these times.

You can do the guided class below


I hope you enjoy it. Especially if you’ve been struggling to both nurture yourself AND strengthen yourself (in particular your lungs and immune system) during these times.

Much love,

PS: A few days ago I shared 2 simple breathwork practices with you to help you boost your immune system and get some instant relief from coronavirus anxiety. Have you already been able to check them out? If not, you can still access the breathwork practices here (it takes only a few minutes to start feeling the calming effects).

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