How To Cultivate A Positive Mind During Fearful Times

How To Cultivate A Positive Mind During Fearful Times

Apr 02, 2020

Are you feeling like you're getting sucked into an energy of fear and negativity? 

Do you wish you could regain a sense of inner peace and positivity, regardless of what’s going on in the world and how long it will take?

Today I would love to help you do this by inviting you to join in my Meditation for the Positive Mind.  Click play on the video below to listen to it.


If you’ve been feeling low, confused or emotionally all over the place lately I want you to know that this is completely normal. 

The low vibration and fear-state that the world is in right now is almost impossible to ignore and it can feel harder than usual to stay grounded and connected to your inner power.

Developing a positive and strong mind always requires conscious practice, but especially in times like these where everything around you seems to pull you in the opposite direction.

I’m happy to give you access to my 19-minute meditation class, to help you:

• Open your heart center
• Cultivate positive feelings for yourself 
• Calm your mind and body

This meditation has said to have been practiced by many great spiritual masters including the Christ and the Buddha and is a very powerful exercise to generate more high-vibrational energy.

Please follow along with the session as often as you’d like to strengthen your positivity muscles and remind yourself that inner calm is always available to you, regardless of what is happening in the world.

Sending you love, light and positivity.

Much love


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