Get more clarity and flow around your relationships, career, health or spirituality 



Join our 90-day Ayahuasca Micro-Dosing Program and embark on a journey of reconnecting with your most authentic self.*


Are you living your full truth?

Or do you feel like something’s holding you back?

Maybe you want to be productive and in flow but your energy levels are low & you feel lost about your path in life.

Maybe you feel unfulfilled (even though your life looks great on the outside) because you sense that there is MORE inside of you—and you’re ready for it to be revealed.

Or maybe you’re confused about your relationship or tired of suffering and always repeating the same “mistakes.”

Whatever you’re seeking at this point in your life, one thing is for certain:

YOU already hold all the answers within… And the Micro-Dosing program helps you amplify what you know to be true—deep down inside—so that it can finally be heard.

Here's how:

Move from the space of your mind into the infinite space of your heart

To live an intentional life, clearly define your path, and deeply connect with your creativity and intuition, you need to move from your head into your heart and remember who you truly are.

This is exactly why I created the Micro-Dosing program for you.

Ayahuasca Vine—the Sacred Plant Teacher you will be working with during this journey—has the power to awaken your creativity and truly open your heart. The Ayahuasca Vine is the grandmother of all plants, all trees, all flowers; it embodies deep layers of wisdom and healing.

Combined with the guidance and daily spiritual practice of meditation, intention-setting, and the morning ritual, the vine will allow you to hear and amplify the truth you already carry deep within yourself—which will help you to gain clarity and courage to make transformative shifts in your life.

What you seek is seeking you, too.

But what do you truly desire in your life?

Do you want to get more clarity around specific issues in your life?

Do you want to be in a state of flow, inspiration and infinite creativity?

Do you want to feel grounded and focused and step into your own leadership?
Are you craving a deeper connection to yourself and your true path?

Do you desire a loving, heart-centered relationship (with a partner as well as yourself)?

Do you desire to be happy, fulfilled and totally at peace inside?





Do you feel the call to become your most authentic and powerful self?

Then we would love to invite you on this journey.





Working with this Sacred Plant Teacher can help you resolve issues and live your full truth around things like:

—Achieving audacious goals and living the lifestyle you’re called to experience
—Creating a business or career path in alignment with who you truly are
—Becoming healthier and full of energy and vibrancy

—Building and maintaining a loving relationship with a life partner
—Enjoying healthy, heart-centered relationships with family and friends
—Liberating yourself from traumatic experiences from your past
—Creating and sustaining abundance and wealth in your life
—Deepening your spirituality and filling your heart with gratitude
—Making your contribution to the world and living in alignment with your purpose


Meet your guide

Hi! I'm Dennis Notten, your guide and founder of SacredJourney.Earth and

There really isn’t one word or term to describe what I do (yet), but here’s what you need to know about me:

I combine my extensive training in Kundalini Yoga, meditation and 7 years of experience with sacred plant work (aka Mother Ayahuasca) into my own unique body of work, helping others to live more connected, fulfilled lives in alignment with spirit and their true selves.

Sharing the whole story of how I went from feeling unfulfilled as a professional classical bassoonist to living and working with the Yawanawá tribe in the Brazilian Amazon would be a bit much for this page, so here the short version:

My own journey with Sacred Plant Teachers began in 2011 when I first tried Ayahuasca at a retreat and felt … nothing. No effect whatsoever. As you can imagine, I was angry and frustrated and wanted to leave the retreat after this first “failed attempt.”

Thankfully, I received some sage advice and decided to try again.


Tata, one of my beloved teachers 


During the second ceremony I had a profound, heart-opening experience and vision showing me my future path as a spiritual healer. My life has not been the same since that moment.

Through synchronicities and guidance, I have been blessed to learn directly from the spiritual leaders of the Yawanawá tribe, an indigenous tribe living in the Amazon of Brazil, who taught me about the wisdom of the plants and how to lead Ayahuasca ceremonies.

I have since been able to combine my experience in the healing arts with plant teachers to support hundreds of people in awakening their full creative potential, receiving profound healing and inspiration, and living a life in alignment with their deepest truths.

I would be honored to share my experience, wisdom, and guidance with you in the Micro-Dosing Program, supporting you on your journey toward fulfillment, happiness, and unlimited potential.

What results can you expect from the program?*

Each journey is individual, and so are each person’s results.


Here is what I have seen in guiding people through micro-dosing programs over the last five years:

Our participants report profound changes in their lives on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. They say they feel happier, healthier, more balanced, centered, and calm. They report enjoying more compassion and deeper connection to nature and their surroundings. They also say they are more relaxed, inspired, grounded, and connected to their destiny and true path in this life.

Many see health issues clear up and report letting go of habits with alcohol and recreational drugs. Others enjoy eating in a more intuitive way, quit smoking, and make a profound shift toward self-care and self-love. Some have even reported getting off prescription medications after consulting with their physicians.

Relationships have opened and blossomed, people have found the courage to close relationships that no longer serve them, and new relationships have magically entered their lives through pure synchronicity.

Whatever shift you desire to create in your life, you can expect to come out of this program feeling more connected to your true self, your soul, your heart. 

Profound transformation doesn’t have to be overwhelming

The tea used for this program is made from the Ayahuasca Vine. During my years working with the vine-only tea, no one has ever reported purging induced by this tea. You will be using the tea in small quantities—just a teaspoon or less—during the 90-day program.

Ceremonial doses of Ayahuasca, which contain both the vine and a separate DMT-containing plant—may feel overwhelming. Such intense journeys are not always easy to embody and integrate into your daily life.

Micro-dosing with vine-only tea is a great alternative. It offers beautiful benefits and profound spiritual growth in a less intense, yet still powerful, way.


By micro-dosing, you will be spoon-feeding yourself the divine feminine energy, nurturing yourself and connecting with oneness. It will not affect your daily activities, including driving a vehicle, functioning at work, and so on.

The amount of tea taken during your morning ritual each day is small, but its grounding effect can still promote creativity, balance emotions and energies, and help get you into an aligned state of Flow.

The tea combined with intention setting and the kundalini meditations you'll do as part of your daily practice all serve to create powerful transformation in your life.







To give you a deeper understanding of what you can expect, read about the impact the Micro-Dosing Program has had on others:


"The micro-dosing program has been one of the greatest investments of time and money that I have ever made. The counsel from Dennis, combined with the heart-opening of the Ayahuasca tea and creating a consistent daily practice and intention, have transformed my life. Through this program I have learned how to tap into the desires of my heart, plant the seeds of those desires, and watch them grow. It has been truly transformational and priceless! I whole-heartedly recommend this program to anyone desiring to connect more deeply with themselves, to grow spiritually, to experience the desires of their hearts, and for anyone seeking spiritual healing of any kind!"



"Words cannot express my gratitude for the gifts that I, my friends, and my family have all received while working with Dennis and the micro-dosing program!  What I have seen manifested by each and every person in such a short period of time has been astounding. If you’re ready to develop new lifelong habits that support and nurture personal growth and spiritual healing beyond your wildest dreams, then this program is for you."


“The micro-dosing program offered the exact integrative steps that I needed to take in order to make the next leap in my spiritual development. Through meditation, intention-setting, and guidance offered by Dennis, I was able to form a burgeoning daily spiritual practice. The program brought harmony to the many insights that came to me during sacred ceremonies and guidance concerning the pieces of my daily life that were and were not in alignment with my higher self. I was able to quit alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs while expanding my relationship to my body, my creativity, the ocean, and the outdoors. I found that my anxiety and depression that I had been struggling with were greatly lessened if not completely eradicated. This progress was reflected in my relationships with my family, friends, and self. I have so much gratitude for this program and all the blessings it bestowed on my life.”


Have these stories inspired you to learn more?

Here’s how the 90-Day Micro-Dosing Program works

In the three-month Micro-Dosing Program, we will work with the grandmother of all plants: the Ayahuasca Vine.

By using this Sacred Plant Teacher, you will awaken your intuition, your creativity, your positivity and will experience increased states of Flow, aligning with your higher self with your destiny.

A strong intention, daily spiritual practice, and coaching calls will create a powerful and transformative container for your true self to emerge.

The aim is for you to move from the space of the mind into the infinite space of the heart.

The Micro-Dosing Program is held online, and I will be there to guide you, making sure you receive the personal attention and guidance you need to feel safe and to experience the best results.

You will be working with VINE-ONLY Ayahuasca tea

When people speak about “doing Ayahuasca,” they're usually referring to a tea made out of a combination of two different plants: the Ayahuasca Vine and a separate plant containing the psychoactive substance DMT.

The Ayahuasca tea you will be using in the Micro-Dosing Program does not contain DMT. The tea, as used in this program, will not make you purge, nor will it cause hallucinations. You will only benefit from the spiritual qualities of the vine, allowing you to open your heart, awaken your creativity, and feel more deeply connected with life and yourself.

Because this tea does not contain DMT or any other regulated substance, its use is permissible in all countries except France, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The science behind the benefits of Ayahuasca Vine

While SacredJourney.Earth and makes no medical or scientific claims, it is interesting to see that science is finally catching up to the deep beliefs that indigenous cultures have long held about the Ayahuasca Vine. For thousands of years, these cultures have taught that the vine opens the mind, helping humans to make new connections, release old patterns, and create new ones instead.

Even though science is just beginning to understand Ayahuasca, there are already scientific reports that it may enhance brain function, serve as an antioxidant, and help relieve anxiety and depression. Scientists are now tracking how the vine helps people heal from trauma and receive new insights, ideas, and decision-making capabilities.

To sum it up, science is finally discovering the benefits of Ayahuasca that traditional cultures have long recognized: its deep power to help us connect with life and align ourselves with who we truly are.

High-quality, vine-only Ayahuasca tea delivered to your doorstep

The quality of the tea is key.

It is not possible to replicate the quality of the tea we offer by using dry ingredients ordered from the Internet or by following a shady recipe found on a random blog. Our tea comes from high-quality vines and is made by people who know every single step of the sacred process and are highly trained to make this brew. 

Our tea comes as a pure liquid, making it easy to consume while still preserving all its powerful qualities. This is not a light extraction, nor is it a homeopathic medicine. You will get high-quality, pure, vine-only Ayahuasca tea.

Your Journey at a glance

Ayahuasca is powerful on its own, but you need to show up for yourself and work WITH her if you want to experience the transformative results.

This is why in addition to the vine-only tea, the program contains three other major components:

—Group coaching and sharing

During the program, you will do daily meditations that are easy to follow regardless of your level of experience. By going through two 40-day cycles, which is approximately how long it takes for the cells of your skin to die and be reborn, you will break your old patterns and liberate yourself from habits that don’t serve you.

Setting an intention makes all the difference in the world when you’re working with the vine-only tea, as your intention defines where you want to go.

I will guide and support you in creating a strong set of intentions during the beginning of the program—and you will continue to work with and embody these intentions throughout our journey together.

It takes 90 days to create a new habit and for the cells in your blood to renew. When you go through this cycle with one clear direction, one set of intentions and daily focus, you capture one of the most powerful ways to create new, positive habits that last for a lifetime.

Support and guidance every step of the way

You are not going through this program alone! Thanks to our group coaching calls, you will feel loved and supported by others who are on the same journey and will gain more clarity in your objectives and goals. This is a safe space to share, ask questions, and take greater ownership and responsibility of your journey. You will receive feedback, answers, and support. I will be by your side to offer guidance every step of the way.


The magic of the program lies in its combination of four powerful ingredients: the Ayahuasca vine-only tea, meditation, intention-setting, and group coaching. This mix makes the program a highly effective way to achieve personal transformation, create long-lasting healthy habits, and get on the road to creating the life of your dreams.

Do you feel called to open up to a life of flow, deeper clarity,  compassion, and connection?


Apply below to see if the program is right for you:


Your gift to yourself

The Micro-Dosing Program does not promise a magic potion that “solves all your problems.”  It’s a journey and a process that will lead you to amazing results if you choose to show up for yourself.

Here’s what’s required from you during the 90-day program:

  • a strong intention for the duration of the program (answering "why am I doing this?")
  • a strong commitment to a customized daily meditation practice tailored to your specific intention
  • a strong commitment not to use alcohol or recreational drugs over the three-month period, giving yourself a beautiful gift


When you join us for the Micro-Dosing Program, you will receive:

  • three months of clear guidance and support throughout the journey
  • high-quality, 100%-legal Ayahuasca vine-only tea delivered to your doorstep (note: not available in France, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.)
  • eight group coaching calls with video recordings (so you won’t miss out and can rewatch the video calls)
  • a daily, personalized meditation program to follow throughout the three-month program
  • recorded meditations (audio and video) to make it easy to follow and honor your daily practice
  • accountability sessions with other group participants as an option to provide further support and keep you on track

Honoring your individual journey...

I won’t give you a strict, week-to-week structure for the 12 modules. Your journey is individual, and this program absolutely honors that.

The entire program is designed in a very practical way with easy-to-follow meditation videos for people of all levels, so you don’t have to worry if you have less experience.

During the first half of the program, we work with easy-to-follow guided meditations that support your intention and “charge” it with feelings and emotions.

In the second half, we will work with a specifically selected meditation that fits YOU, providing support for exactly where you are in the program.

I will also support you in maintaining the state of Flow after the program, helping you continue to live an intentional life as you walk toward your destiny without the micro-dosing component.

You’ll know exactly how and when to take the vine-only tea

I’ll give you clear instructions on how and when to take the tea, including measurements and adjustments to make along the way.

You’ll get:

  • step-by-step instructions
  • clear guidance during every single stage of the program, including suggested adjustments to support your journey
  • 100% pure, vine-only tea delivered to your doorstep from people specifically trained to make and honor this Sacred Plant Teacher

Your investment in yourself

A one-time payment of $1,997(usually $2,497)


3 payments of $697 (usually $897)

**Extra shipping cost for orders sent outside of the US**

Want to find out if the Micro-Dosing Program is right for you?

This is not just some online course; this is a profound journey using a Sacred Plant Teacher and daily spiritual practices. We want to make sure it’s the right choice for you. It is important to us that you feel safe and prepared.

Apply below and see if the program is right for you.


"The 90-day micro-dosing program was one of the most transformative periods of my life. Dennis helped me set an intention, provided me with the right meditation, and guided me with valuable feedback on our calls. Through this program I obtained the freedom of self-expression, endless creativity, and a confidence that was previously missing. I've had breakthroughs in my marriage, my relationships, and my business. Mostly, I discovered I can create whatever I want in my life through the power of my intentions. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for personal growth, self-love, and connection to their higher self.

—Chad Walding







Your questions answered

We want you to feel certainty and clarity around your decision. Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions you might have:

No. In the program we work with the Ayahuasca vine, considered an entheogen in many tribal cultures. The tea in this program comes from plants and is 100% natural. Ayahuasca vine-only tea has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for thousands and thousands of years for its profound healing and wisdom. It has withstood the most difficult test of all: the test of time. This tea is completely safe, 100% non-toxic, and is not addictive.

No. This program works with a tea that contains a legal plant (Banisteriopsis caapi, or the Ayahuasca vine) that by itself does not produce hallucinations or psychedelic effects. It was created with the intention to offer a beautiful, safe, legal tea, made of an ancient plant of power. The Ayahuasca Vine we will be using in the program does not have the psychoactive component DMT and will not have any psychedelic effects on you.

No. The quality of the tea is extremely important. It is not possible to replicate the quality of the vine-only tea we offer by ordering dry ingredients online and trying to follow a recipe. Our tea is made from high-quality, fresh plants, by people who are highly trained to make this brew. When you join the Micro-Dosing Program, you will be provided with the highest quality vine-only Ayahuasca tea delivered to your doorstep. You won’t run out of it during the program, either.

No. The tea we used for this program is currently regulated or prohibited in France, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is unregulated in other countries.

The Micro-Dosing Program is right for you if you’d  like to:

  • be in FLOW and in tune with inspiration
  • open your heart and unleash your creative potential
  • support your own growth with a legal, natural, and safe micro-dosing program that comes with clear guidance
  • work with a Sacred Plant Teacher in your daily life
  • work with a Sacred Plant Teacher to integrate full ceremonial experiences
  • reduce or eliminate your use of alcohol and other recreational drugs
  • find more balance, clarity, and purpose in your life
  • develop and sustain a daily spiritual practice
  • live your life intentionally and in alignment with your truth

The daily practice you commit to and gift yourself is simple yet effective. You will begin your day with a morning ritual in which you voice your intentions and then take the micro-dose of the tea. The whole ritual takes only a few minutes and is a powerful and beautiful way to start your day.

You also commit to doing a daily guided meditation of 10 to 30 minutes.

You can do your meditation at any time during the day. So while you commit to showing up daily for your own growth and expansion, you’ll have flexibility with how to implement your new routine.

Yes. Working with plant teachers, a daily spiritual practice, and a clear intention is the path to raise your level of awareness and consciousness.

Using alcohol or recreational drugs is the path to lower your awareness and level of consciousness.

Those two paths are not compatible. It is not supportive for you to take alcohol or recreational drugs during the program.

No, at least not for most people. We always recommend consulting with a physician or other licensed health-care professional before starting a new program, as each person has a unique health history. For most people, there are no restrictions on food or medications during the program. The restriction that comes with the program is not to take any alcohol or drugs during the 90 days of our journey together.

There will be several meditation options available. The shortest meditation will take approximately 10 minutes; the longest will last around 30 minutes. You can choose the meditation and time schedule that you can commit to it. Also, you will want to consider the purposes of each meditation, which will be quite varied, especially during the second half of the program.

As the tea is made of only water and the Ayahuasca vine, it is legal to travel with it in almost all countries—except for France, Canada, and Australia. Travel is made easier by taking only as much tea as you'll need for the days you'll be away from home.

I have been working and offering micro-dosing since 2013. My experience has shown that the effects of the intention-setting, micro-dosing program are consistent, regardless of whether one uses vine-only tea or a tea containing chacruna or other admixture plants.

The program can be followed by those who are healing from drug or alcohol addiction. We require a strong commitment from you not to use drugs or alcohol at all during the 90 days of your program. The vine-only tea is not addictive. Together with the other components of the program, it supports emotional and spiritual growth and recovery.

The vine-only tea in this program does not produce such physical responses. The tea does not contain DMT or any other controlled substance. 

The vine-only tea used for this program is not psychoactive and does not contain any controlled substances. You will be spoon-feeding yourself with divine feminine energy. It will not affect your ability to participate in daily life, including driving a vehicle or functioning at work. Although this tea is safe and does not induce visionary effects, it is recommended that you start the program on a day that you have nothing else planned. This will provide the space for you to set clear intentions for your journey.

No. This tea should not induce purging. Of course, drinking too much of anything can cause someone to purge. The small daily quantity of tea taken as part of this program should not have such an effect.

No. In my experience, participants have not have any negative physical reactions to the program. You may feel resistance as you break old habits that don't serve you and replace them with new ones that do. In my book, that's part of the growth process.

Are you ready to begin? Do you feel called to awaken and expand?

Apply to join the Micro-Dosing program below.


* Important Notice: This program—and its vine-only Ayahuasca tea—is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or any other physical condition. The tea is not a "medicine" or "drug" in the legal understanding of those terms, nor is it a health supplement. Rather, the tea is a food item that is part of the food supply in many countries. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated or approved any of the statements made on this website or in the program. 


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