Awaken :: A Sacred Journey to the Sacred Feminine

Did you know the key to Ultimate Freedom and Infinite Creative Potential lies in your relationship to your Body, your Voice and the Earth? 

Claim the Creatress Throne in your Life!

In this 6 week online Journey you will:

  • Develop a Sacred and Sensual Morning Ritual to begin each day with gentleness for yourself and an awareness of your needs. 
  • Connect with the Sacred Altar of the Pelvis (Womb) to gain a strong sense of your cyclical nature and a deeper understanding of your connection with the earth
  • Reclaim the beauty of your breasts and your feminine sensuality by opening your heart through the sensuous nature of your own touch. 
  • Cultivate a sweeter relationship to your physical sensations and how your body feels (and likes to be touched!) to help you make more aligned choices in your life (and become your best lover!) 
  • Dissolve judgment around your voice and give yourself permission to open your channel of the voice through sounding and toning. 
  • Discover how your sacred relationship with your body and your voice informs how you live and express yourself in your life 

The Magic begins August 14th

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