Robert James Ryan III (Robbie)




Robert James Ryan III is a multi instrumentalist, author & healer.
A unique gift that he brings is the empathic ability to attune to the people around him in order to create music corresponding to the needs & spiritual inquiries of those attending his rituals & ceremonies.

For the last 7 years he has been providing music, guidance & healing to individuals on their journey towards opening to the larger mysteries of the living experience.

By helping people cultivate a deeper awareness of their purpose, pleasure & intimacy towards the inner resources within themselves, those around them & the world at large, his intention is to usher a more joyful, natural & thereby efficacious broadening of our perceptual relativities.

Robert James has been a healing practitioner for over 20 years with the primary attention of drawing the unique gift out of all of those that he encounters, understanding that the cultivation of our collective genius is the best way to insure a venerable living experience & optimal offering to future generations.

Loving presence is the sole focus of all of his work & he delights in awakening that very charecter in all he encounters.

He began working with the medicine about a decade ago and with the spirit of Ayahuasca a much longer time before that, a story to long to get into here.
As a child he would read books on Shaminism, occultism & mysticism & was fascinated by inter species communication & the idea of plant & spirit teachers. When finally afforded the opportunity to meet with Aya’s consciousness directly it was a homecoming where he received many messages about how his path would unfold in service to a great awakening.

He is grateful for this path and to serve the medicine to others. People often speak of the joy present in his deliverance of care. His love is palpable, his desire to bring out the best in us is clear & he will more likely than not make you laugh at some point or another.