Kristen Appenrodt, MA 




Born in Santa Cruz, California, mom is all organic, dad is climbing the ladder. Older sister plays with me, golden retriever kisses me. Muhammad Ali, The Giants, the saxophone. Basketball, basketball, run basketball. College in San Diego; University of San Diego, 3.5 years living on the beach, 4 months living in Florence, Italy. Graduate, work downtown, meet lots of interesting people. Fall in love with yoga, yoga retreat in Mexico, move practice back north. Acquire real estate license, smile, perfect my handshake. Tend to properties, manage finances. Join Retail West, move to San Francisco, drive the Bay Area, learn the markets. Tenant representation, development projects, crunching numbers, creative solutions. Building relationships and creating opportunities. Win some, lose some, learn always, look up, push forward. Diving in and finding home – yoga studios, retreat centers, holistic health, an evolving practice. Love the Bay Area, love people, love learning… blue and green and the Oakland scene! The perfect time and a world of opportunity: Project Juice, Project Me, Project You. Feel it all, breathe it out, dance it off, let it be.

Leave the business world, dive into cold-press juice and cleansing. Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute; health is balance. Physically cleansed, emotionally cleansing, connected to heart, fly to Peru. Yoga Teacher training, Sananda-Wasi, writing my way through the Sacred Valley. Eyes wide, seeking solo. Return to San Francisco, realties shifted. Dr Suhas – Ayurvedic doctor, medical astrologer, guided to grad school. 7-month trip to Asia commences with no plans. The world as my classroom, Universe is teaching me. Riding a scooter on an island in Thailand, introduction to Tantra, feels like home. Bali bound, Sacred Journey into Yoga for Women, Tantric Yoga Teacher Training, energy moving. Sisters found, heart opening, falling in love with a Dutch man in Peru. Tantra meditation retreat in Dharamsala, India; no words just wonder-tears. Letting go, letting love, grieving loneliness. Live at the beach in Southern India, integrating teachings, learning to stay. Dutch man leaves for jungle, saying goodbye, opening to possibility. Sister visits, celebrate the Holidays in India. Meet mom in Bali, healing relationships, family bonding, quality time, special ending. Graduate school beginnings! Masters Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA. Global program, grad school on the go. Meet Dutch man in Nicaragua, ready for real love. Pack for Peru, building home, becoming one, manifesting potential, deepening in love. Learning lessons, peeling layers, energies evolving. Dutch man named Dennis. 

Nomadic Living, working together: ceremony, ceremony, ceremony. Steep learning curve, rising in love, Sacred Journey to Home. Meet lots of beautiful people, magical moments, intimate sharings, little sleep, blossoming community. Peace Warriors Unite!

Womb Wisdom, Sacred Sexuality, Voice Opening; The Woman’s Way. Relaxing, Opening, Expressing. No Pressure, Only Authenticity. Menstrual Cycle Awareness, the Path of Pleasure. Vulnerability & Intimacy. Friendships deepening, Life Sisters Forming. Tending to the Child within, Preparing for the Child without.

5 years of movement, a special spot in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Home Sweet Home. Landing. Arriving. Opening.

Fiddlesticks Family!

Fertile Land, Open Heart. Recommitting to Love, Relaxing into Home. A communal project, a New Experience of the Human Experiment. The Present is truly a Gift.

A Pleasure to be on this Journey together!

Hope to meet you sometime soon.


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