1:1 Mentorship

with Kristen Appenrodt

Hi, I'm Kristen

...and I'm so happy you're here.

The world needs more women like you... women who have the courage to connect with a different way of living and creating, and to bring forth this way. A way of being that is sourced in love and compassion, for Self and for Others. That is good and for the greater good ~ for the children, for the earth, and for others. 

It's my greatest joy to support women in giving themselves full permission to create the life and love they desire, to nourish their bodies, strengthen their connection to spirit, experience more depth and beauty in their lives, and to activate their voice and expression in the magical and awesome ways they are being uniquely invited to. Now is the time!  


Are you feeling the call to relax into a more soft, sensuous and creative way of living in the world? 

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A Sacred Intimate Container to Nourish a New Chapter of your Life

If you feel a deep readiness in your being to connect with the feminine way of living and creating in the world, then you're in the right place. I want to first celebrate you and the wisdom of your own guidance that led you here, and also let you know that you don't have to do this journey alone. 

My 1:1 mentorship program is a sweet space to discover who you truly are, and a loving invitation into your potential.

I will be your guide and facilitator on this Journey back to your own inner wisdom and deep knowing; to the medicine that you carry and the medicine woman that you are. 


Together, we work to clarify your own knowing, and create a supportive structure for you to make conscious steps forward. All the while, airing out and integrating any shame or story that has kept you from living, receiving and engaging with life in the way your heart knows is possible.

Using the loving container of a mentor relationship, as well as practices, and homework/exercises, you begin to more deeply know and see yourself and hold your human experience with deeper grace and ease. Life magically responds, and your self-expression begins to flow more effortlessly... feeling more like play than work. How inspiring it is to be in the presence of such freedom! 

The journey we embark on is completely individual, so I can’t tell you the exact destination, but here are some of the things you can expect:

  • A 3 month container with bi-weekly sessions and email support to support you in nourishing a new chapter of your life. Together we are fertilizing the soil and planting the seeds of the garden that you truly desire!
  • Heightened awareness around personal patterns, challenges and desires and the confidence to shift / claim them
  • Developed confidence in how you communicate what you feel and what you need
  • Support and tools to nurture a relationship of love and respect with your body
  • Tools to encourage and discover a new relationship with your creativity and your voice 
  • Heightened awareness around how you use your voice and your words (many women use  language that’s very disempowering and sabotage their own desires)
  • An ally, sister, and guide to support you and lovingly invite you into your highest expression, holding up a squeaky clean mirror into parts of yourself that are hiding
  • Inspiration to nourish your body and soul in ways that bring you joy 
  • A cheerleader to activate the musician and the artist that lives within you!
  • Deepened connection to your intuitive knowing and capacity to create the life you desire

...And much more!


Are you curious to find out whether the 1:1 Mentorship Program is right for you at this time?  

Click the button below to send me an email and we’ll have a conversation:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mentorship Program is a 3-month journey with biweekly sessions and the full price of the program is USD 2,500.

You can easily pay with paypal or credit card. Is it possible to pay in 2 or 3 installments. 

We do the calls via a software called Zoom. It is very easy to navigate; I will be sending you a link that you can easily click on and ta-da!

We will have sessions every 2 weeks that will last somewhere between 60-75 minutes.

Every session is different depending on what is present for you, and what I am intuitively sensing. Always we are returning to the body wisdom and getting clear on what you are feeling, and where we can expand your connection to what is true. In addition, we are calling out any patterns which have been developed either in relationship with your body or your mind. This can ignite particular conversations or HW :) 

The personal 1:1 program offers you individual support as resistance comes up and as challenges arise in your life.

It allows you to develop new ways of being and taking care of yourself and that’s where the deep transformation happens - in the ongoing unfolding and integration.

Having an ally to guide and support you through this process of transformation and hold space for you is extremely powerful. Transformation takes time and is continually supported when you work with me over the course of 3 months. Plus you will be supported in integrating your practices along the way.

I choose to only work with a few women at a time, so it is an intimate container of support and encouragement that I don't always have the opportunity to offer in the group programs. 

It is possible to microdose using pure Ayahuasca vine if you feel drawn towards working with sacred plant medicine. We can speak about that more on our call and I am happy to explain everything to you so that you know whether this option is right for you at this time.

This is very individualized. We can decide that together depending on your intentions and desires but basically you don’t need anything in advance.

This 3-month journey is highly personalized and super intuitive - so we will have flexibility rather than a set structure in place.

However, here is an example:

At the very beginning of our sessions, we will identify your intentions and give you space to be seen, honoring your tenderness and sensitivity and deeply connecting with how you feel.

Then we start with developing a daily practice such as a dance practice, a kundalini yoga meditation, connecting in with your womb, vocal exercises and more.

We will create your beautiful sacred morning ritual so that you can have space to check in with yourself every day, consciously connecting with how you feel and what you need.

You always get homework between the sessions which is one of the most important pieces. Homework can also consist of practices like womb meditations, tracking your menstrual cycle, having conversations with particular people, moving your body in certain ways and more.

The last month of our journey together is usually about opening your voice and getting more clear on expressing and the ways you desire to express in your life. 

Possible Areas to Explore & Evolve Together

~ Connection to Womb / Menstrual Cycle Awareness ~ Embodiment and Sensuality Practices ~ Cultivating and sustaining a beautiful sacred morning practice ~ Adorning your Feminine Self ~ Creative Expression ~ Voice Activation ~ Coming home to your body and your pleasure ~ Full Permission to be who you are ~ Returning to your Sensitivity ~


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